INCREDIBLE footage of the Slieve League shows off Donegal’s scenery

The internet is going mad for Ireland after watching this video.

A three-minute video produced by, shows off the incredible cliffs of the Slieve League in County Donegal.

Swooping down from the mountain of Slieve League, these cliffs are amongst the highest sea cliffs in Europe. From the highest point on the cliffs, it’s a staggering 609m (1,998 feet) drop into the swirling Atlantic Ocean below.

The three-minute video certainly couldn’t hurt the already booming Irish tourism industry. The video produced really is spectacular.

Watch the amazing video below:

Slieve League "Memories"

Kerry eat your heart out:), Slieve League has to be on your list of places to visit in Ireland. I always loved Donegal but this is another level. Spectacular views from every direction, a sight to behold.Thanks Donegal for giving me some of the most beautiful sea cliff experiences ever.Please SHARE and LIKE my page aereaphotographyThanks for watching and if anyone wants to ask any questions regarding anything you see on thisvideo please do.:)

Posted by Aereaphotography on Sunday, 2 April 2017

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