Five Pubs In Armagh You Need To Visit Before You Die

Five of the Best Bars & Pubs in County Armagh

Armagh certainly has plenty of pubs with a story to tell when it comes to wetting your whistle.

Cosy up by a crackling log fire or relax in a stylish and modern bar, the orchard county has it all.

If you are looking for a great pub to experience in Armagh, we’ve compiled a list of the five best pubs you can visit.

5. Red Neds

With a history dating back almost 100 years, Red Neds offers the perfect combination of tradition with a modern atmosphere.

It is known for having one of the best pints of Guinness you’ll ever taste, even to people who don’t normally drink it.

For a really authentic Irish experience, Red Neds is the place to go. Traditional music every Friday and a live band on Saturday, you’ll never be found wanting entertainment.

This historical bar is the perfect place to meet up before heading out on the town or stay for the night if you’re in early enough to get a seat.

For those who’ve had a few too many, there’s accommodation within walking distance, so don’t worry about having to wander the streets!

Address: 24 Ogle Street Armagh BT61 7EW

4. Hole in the Wall

Credit @rory.kellett

The Hole in the Wall has the longest continuous bar counter in our country and also claims to be the longest pub in Ireland.

The bar is said to be haunted by a friendly ghost named ‘Wilfy’ and home to a parrot called Casper (the pub’s mascot) who is a big hit. He even has his own Facebook page.

Dating back to 1615 the building was originally a jail, so it comes as no surprise that it’s known locally as a haunted pub. Spirits of a ghostly kind, rather than the usual gin and vodka have been seen at the bar. True or not you can make up your own mind.

In a strange turn of events, people are now desperate to get into the building, compared to years ago when they were fighting to get out of it!

Address: 9 Market St, Armagh BT61 7BW, UK

3. Keegan’s Bar

Located in the heart of the city with live music, great food and even better drink all under the one roof, if you are looking the true Armagh experience this is the place to be.

Well known for their excellent customer service and keen prices, it’s clear to see the work that’s put in here. After a meal the kids even get a Kinder Egg, buying you more time for another pint!

Regular visitors to Keegan’s will boast that it’s the best in the area, a bold statement with the large selection of local pubs to choose from. There’s only one way to test their taste, right?

Address: 48 Irish St, Armagh, BT61 7EP, UK

2. Mc Conville’s, Portadown

Since the 1800s, Mc Conville’s has been situated on the main street in Portadown and is full of tradition.

It’s said that some of the wood on the bar is replicated from a design on the Titanic, built just over the mountains in Belfast.

The design of this pub is similar to that of the ‘Crown Bar’ in Belfast, although not as flamboyant.

Inside you will find the original snugs (private seating areas), 10 in total around the perimeter of the pub. Some of which have buttons attached, if you see one jump in as you’re in luck. When pressed they operate a bell to let the staff know you need a refill.

A great invention at the time, these can be overused and often result in customers being removed. If you want to keep the party going into the early hours, we suggest taking it easy on the bell!

Address: 1 Mandeville St, Portadown, Craigavon, Co. Armagh BT62 3PL, UK

1. Courthouse Bar, Lurgan

You’ll find everything you want in this place. A variety of beers, quality wines, great food and excellent cocktails. If this isn’t enough, there’s live entertainment, a terraced garden and a VIP area with its own bar for hire.

Two pool tables await those who intend showcasing their skills after a few pints. We all know a few!

If it’s the food you’re looking for, the Library is where you’ll go. Separated from the main bar, you won’t hear a thing, unless you want to of course.

That’s when you venture to the Courtroom. A former Magistrates Court converted to a bar and renovated in 2016, is very modern and trendy, with all drinks reasonably priced. Serving both food and drink, you’ve got the best of both worlds!

Address: 46 William St, Lurgan, Craigavon, BT66 6JB, UK

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