Finn Lough Bubble Dome: when to visit and things to know

The romantic bubble domes at Finn Lough Resort have become a symbol of relaxation and beauty across social media. Here is everything you need to know about Finn Lough Bubble Dome.

Nestled on a 100-acre peninsula resort, Finn Lough Resort is set in a beautiful location in County Fermanagh. This family-run estate is surrounded by the tranquil waters of Lough Erne, making for a luxurious escape and getaway. 

While there are plenty of options to choose from in staying at Finn Lough, the most unique and sought after has to be the Finn Lough bubble domes. As the only place to stay in a bubble dome on the island of Ireland, these seven bubble domes take glamping to another level of luxury.

Finn Lough has been operating as a luxury accommodation provider since 1983, providing its many customers with a quiet hideaway.

Surrounded by a wealth of nature, Finn Lough Resort allows people to disconnect from the busy world and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature. 

The unique Finn Lough bubble domes were an addition to this Fermanagh escape in 2017. Since then, it has received international recognition and attention. It is no wonder that Finn Lough Fermanagh was ranked as the coolest hotel in Ireland in 2017 by The Times.

When to visit – advance booking is key

When to visit Finn Lough Bubble Dome.
Credit: Facebook / @FinnLough

While Finn Lough is open all year round, the demand is relatively high, especially for the bubble domes.

The beauty and serenity that comes with staying in a bubble dome are not dependent on the weather or time of year. The bubble domes come with underfloor heating, so it doesn’t get cold even in the depths of winter.

As such, we suggest that whenever you are available for a bucket list experience and Finn Lough have availability, that you jump at the opportunity. The facilities and staff at Finn Lough make for an incredible once in a lifetime experience no matter the time of year.

What to see – nature and luxury are key

A relaxing stay at Finn Lough Bubble Dome.
Credit: Facebook / @FinnLough

The Finn Lough bubble domes are a sight to behold. Situated in a private forest, these secluded bubbles are genuinely breathtaking.

With 180° transparent walls, you get spectacular views of the forest, night sky, and, if you are lucky, views of Lough Erne. While the beds are incredibly comfortable, we suggest making a point of staying up for at least a little while to do some stargazing.

To continue the luxurious experience, we suggest booking in for the Elements Spa Trail. This two-hour self-guided experience takes you on a relaxing journey through a series of cabins dotted about the forest. Not only are you treated to five sensory areas, but you are also immersed in the beautiful Fermanagh woodland.

Snuggle up and enjoy the views of the setting sun as you sit on the edge of Lough Erne. You will be treated to a private firepit and delicious drinks and nibbles. Wrap up with a blanket and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Things to know – facilities and options

Finn Lough Bubble Dome is the height of relaxation.
Credit: Facebook / @FinnLough

Each bubble dome has facilities added with comfort and luxury in mind. There is a four-poster bed with a heated mattress, a Nespresso machine, radio, and torch in each of the seven bubble domes. The bathroom is connected to the main bubble, and there are even fluffy bathrobes and slippers.

There are two types of bubble domes on offer here in Finn Lough – the forest bubble dome and the premium bubble dome.

While the forest bubble dome comes with a powerful shower, the premium bubble dome has a free-standing bath. We suggest watching the sunrise as you enjoy this deep and luxurious bath.

Each bubble dome has its own private locked gate so you can relax knowing you and your belonging are safe and secure. Plus, no one can see inside your bubble dome as all the bubble domes are separated from one another. 

There is no Wi-Fi in the bubble domes, making this experience perfect for those wishing to disconnect from their busy everyday lives. Trust us; you won’t miss Wi-Fi because you will get so wrapped up in the magic of it all.

Where to eat – for seasonal delights

You can get great foot at Finn Lough Resort.
Credit: Facebook / @FinnLough

Finn Lough prides themselves on delivering high-quality, locally sourced Irish foods. They also grow and forage some of the produce themselves that is used in their dishes.

The luxury of the resort carries over to their meals by offering an authentic and original experience in a beautiful setting.  

Insider tips – for keen stargazers

Finn Lough Bubble Dome is great for stargazing.
Credit: Tourism Northern Ireland

Be sure to have a handy stargazing guidebook or app on hand to help you navigate the constellations. This is a truly breathtaking experience, and who knows, you may even get to make a wish on a shooting star?

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