Dingle’s First and Only Coffee Roaster: Bean in Dingle (A Review)

Set in the heart of Dingle town is Bean in Dingle, the locale’s first and only coffee roasters-cum-café.

Situated on a side street, neighbour to the towns favourite pubs and bric-a-brac stores, this café has become the leading speciality coffee joint, drawing crowds from near and far in search of a solid caffeine fix.

Founded by a family team who work together to produce Dingle’s finest brew, Bean in Dingle offers city-quality coffee in a community atmosphere.


Small in size, with character by the bucket load, Bean in Dingle packs quite a punch. The café has an undeniable draw with communal tables and coat racks on entry.

An “order at the counter and grab any free seat” policy ensures a laid-back environment so well suited for the town in question.

Minimal grey wood floors and a large brown-wood communal table dominates the space. A handful of two-seater tables are on offer, too –if you’re lucky to snag one. This place is popular as hell and everything is on a first-come-first-served basis, so it’s truly down to luck of the draw.

Quirky décor such as a disco ball, eclectic lighting, a neon “hello” sign and novelty and nostalgia memorabilia dance the walls whilst art from local and international artists colour the space.

A mishmash of just about everyone from old friends and school friends to families and couples seem to run on a loop through the small café, providing an electric atmosphere, in an otherwise somewhat sleepy town.

The Menu

A selection of sweet and savoury treats stand front and centre at the order counter. Gourmet veggie and meaty sandwiches are made fresh daily, too, and are what would be considered “proper sandwiches” – none of this ham and cheese nonsense, we’re talking solid artisan produce.

A vegan soup along with an impressive selection of vegan treats are available too, ensuring happy tummies all around.

What We Had

We started with a black coffee and a flat white – a much-anticipated wait, and worth it no doubt. Bean in Dingle’s blend is smooth and aromatic with distinct aromas. An Ethiopian bean and a Kenyan bean are also available at Bean in Dingle, depending on your personal coffee preferences.

To accompany our house blend coffee we chose a selection of sweet and savoury treats including sausage rolls, a breakfast bar and a fuel muffin.

Completely besotted, we also ordered another coffee to take away before leaving, along with a bag of the Bean in Dingle house blend to brew at home.

How Was It?

Bean in Dingle house blend: simply put, we can now see what all the fuss is about. For any coffee connoisseur in the Dingle district, Bean in Dingle is a must-visit, no doubt.

The coffee consists of a blend of 50% Brazilian Ipanema, 25% Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and 25% Guatemalan San Juan, ensuring the outcome is a balanced taste, likely to suit most coffee palettes. Bonus points go for the fact that all coffee is served with a double-shot as standard.

Sausage rolls: light and fluffy, buttery pastry encase a locally produced sausage. Served alongside a house made jam, Bean in Dingle’s sausage rolls are simply perfection.

Fuel muffin: consisting of seeds, goji berries, carrot, coconut, raisin and pineapple, it is safe to say this muffin was exceptional. Soft and moist on the inside, crispy and baked to golden-brown perfection on the outside, this muffin was the showstopper, for me.

Breakfast bar: stuffed with peanut butter, dark chocolate, oats and banana, this breakfast bar was served wrapped up in twine and proved to be the ultimate “breakfast-on-the-go”. Soft and dense with bursts of fruity-chocolate, Bean in Dingle’s breakfast bar certainly gives the first meal of the day a guilty-pleasure twist.

The Damage

Bean in Dingle offers coffee that could challenge any top city café. It is super affordable, given the quality of the baked and fresh produce and the coffee on offer.


Since launching in June 2015, the family team behind Bean in Dingle has seen it go from strength to strength. It has firmly established itself as the leading speciality coffee shop in Dingle and is the first coffee roaster to the locale, too.

With drive and vision fuelling the business (as well as coffee, also), it is safe to say with absolute certainty that Bean in Dingle is reason alone to visit the town.


Address: Green St, Dingle, Co. Kerry
Phone: +353 (87) 098 5998
Address: https://www.beanindingle.com/

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