Blarney Castle ranked among luckiest places in the world

One of the top tourist attractions in Ireland, Blarney Castle is known across the world for its historical and mythical allure. Now, it’s been named one of the luckiest places in the world.

We all know about the supposed ‘luck of the Irish’, which the people of the Emerald Isle take with them anywhere they go.

Symbols of good fortune play a huge role in Irish culture and society. From shamrocks to horseshoes and more, the Irish are a superstitious bunch. We honour these ancient symbols as signs of good luck to come their way.

Do you want to soak up this good fortune? If so, then we bet a trip to Ireland is already on your bucket list. And now, with Blarney Castle ranked among the luckiest places in the world, there is even more reason to visit this famous Cork landmark.

Expert analysis – where to find the luck of the Irish

Blarney Castle ranked among luckiest places in the world.

It has long been said that kissing the infamous Blarney Stone will bring the ‘gift of the gab’. Now, experts at have ranked the famous Blarney Castle as one of the luckiest places in the world.

Do you have big goals for 2022? If so, make sure to plan a trip to Blarney Castle to soak up the infamous luck of the Irish.

Researchers compiled an index based on three variables, including global monthly search volume, number of Instagram hashtags, and TripAdvisor reviews. In doing so, they discovered the luckiest places in the world.

Combining these variables, PsychicWorld came up with a popularity score out of ten for each of the 30 locations analysed.

Blarney Castle ranked among luckiest places in the world – a must-visit for 2022

Have you visited Blarney Castle?
Credit: Tourism Ireland

Italy’s Trevi Fountain topped the list as the luckiest place in the world, with an impressive score of 9.5.

With over 102,000 TripAdvisor reviews and 572,000 Instagram hashtags, people from all over the world have been trying to redeem good fortune by throwing a penny into the famous fountain.

The Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey, closely followed the historic Italian fountain to claim second place, with a score of 9.3. The Hoover Dam in Nevada, USA, ranked third with 9.2, while Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic, ranked fourth with 9.0.

Ireland’s historic Blarney Castle claimed fifth position, with a score of 7.5, to become one of the top five luckiest places in the world.

Fushimi Inari-taisha in Kyoto ranked sixth and Sensō-ji Temple in Tokyo ranked seventh. So, make sure to add Japan to your 2022 bucket list if you want to increase your luck.

Closing out the top ten is Pont des Artes in Paris, France, in eighth and the Charging Bull in New York, USA, in ninth. The famous Casa di Giulietta In Verona, Italy, in tenth.

The historic Blarney Castle – one of the luckiest places in the world

Blarney Castle named one of the luckiest places in the world.
Credit: Fáilte Ireland

So, if you’re planning a trip to Ireland in the near future, make sure to add the famous Blarney Castle in County Cork to your itinerary.

Dating back as far as the early 13th-century, this medieval stronghold has been a centre of power in Ireland throughout the generations.

Today, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. People travel from far and wide to learn about Irish history and even kiss the iconic Blarney Stone.

Now, Blarney Castle has been named one of the luckiest places in the world. So, we bet we’ll be seeing plenty more visitors to the iconic Irish attraction soon!

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