Boojum and Applegreen among Ireland’s best Veganuary releases

As people across Ireland make the swap for meat-free alternatives this January, the country’s top food outlets are providing some fantastic alternatives to our favourite eats.

Popular Irish retailers Boojum and Applegreen are among Ireland’s best Veganuary releases.

Each year, people across the world swap out their favourite foods for tasty plant-based alternatives. With more options than ever, we are spoilt for choice with delicious meat-free options to satisfy our cravings.

In an attempt to be kinder to the planet, reduce consumption of animal products, and even take advantage of the numerous health benefits of a vegan diet, many people take the challenge to go meat and dairy-free for January.

Delicious options from Ireland’s leading food retailers – something for everyone

Boojum and Applegreen among Ireland's leading Veganuary releases.
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Two Irish retailers are leading the charge with delicious Veganuary releases are Boojum and Applegreen.

Mexican-style burrito bar Boojum has released its very first meat alternative. This replicates all the great taste of its famous number one selling chicken.

Partnering with Oumph!, the UK’s leading mear alternative brand, Boojum is now offering a tasty chicken substitute packed with protein and fibre rich beans.

Meanwhile, fans of the classic chicken-fillet roll will no longer have to miss out on this Irish deli delicacy. So, whether you’re looking for the ultimate cure after a chaotic night out or just fancy a quick lunch on the go, you can now make it meat-free!

Award-winning Irish plant-based food brand Plant-It has partnered with Ireland’s motorway retailer Applegreen to offer a tasty chicken-free alternative to this deli counter favourite.

Boojum and Applegreen among Ireland’s best Veganuary releases – the plant-based revolution

The meat-free chicken alternative will be available at Boojum stores in Northern Ireland.

Paul McCullagh, Marketing Manager at Boojum, says, “Veganuary has become increasingly popular each year.

“So, Boojum wants to help people who are giving meat-alternative meals a go or appeal to customers who are already vegan, vegetarian, and flexitarian, giving them a super flavoursome option.

“Vegetarian meals are the second most ordered dish in Boojum, demonstrating that there is strong demand from our customers for plant-based meal options.”

The chicken-free alternative was launched in Boojum on 18 January and will be available for a limited time only.

Catering for all diets – perfect for all

Boojum and Applegreen among Ireland's leading Veganuary releases.
Credit: Facebook / @goapplegreen

Whether you’re fully vegan, a dedicated vegetarian, or are trialling a flexitarian diet, these new meat-free options make consuming fewer animal products easier than ever.

Packed with essential vitamins, proteins, and tonnes of flavour, you won’t feel like you’re missing out. So, why not opt for the meat-free alternative next time you stop in at Boojum or Applegreen?

Many national and international retailers, such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, Dominoes, and many others have expanded their meat-free menus for Veganuary. So, we can’t wait to see what’s to come next.

Irish food outlets Boojum and Applegreen are leading the charge when it comes to Ireland’s best Veganuary releases. Still, we can’t wait to see what our other favourite eateries come up with in the future!

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