Belly-Busting: The 5 Biggest Breakfasts in Ireland!

Everyone in Ireland loves breakfast and the Full Irish Breakfast is a very popular choice for the Irish, but have you ever wondered where the biggest breakfast in Ireland is located? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the biggest breakfasts which you should certainly try before you die, but we can’t guarantee you’ll be able to finish them!

1. Murphy’s Law bar – Westmeath


Introducing: Murphy’s Law Breakfast Challenge. This humongous breakfast incorporates four eggs, four bits of rasher, four sausages, four hash browns, four dark & four white ends about pudding, four ends for singed tomato, an expansive bit about singed mushrooms, a side dish from claiming beans Furthermore An dish from claiming chips.

2. The Grapevine Bistro – Sligo


A couple of our followers said that The Grapevine Bistro in Sligo has a Mega Breakfast Challenge and it sounds, well, mega. This blowout incorporates five sausages, five rashers, five eggs, five hash browns, five pieces of white pudding, five pieces of black pudding, five half tomatoes, five portions of mushrooms, five portions of beans, five pieces of toast and a pot of tea. If you fancy taking on The Grapevine Bistro’s Mega Breakfast Challenge make sure to pop in to unit 9 of the Quayside Shopping Centre in Sligo.

3. Tony’s Bistro – Cork


Tony’s Bistro on North Main Street in Cork has been highlighted as one of Ireland’s biggest breakfasts. Even though the meal, which is aptly named ‘The Godfather’, includes a whole lot of food, the kind folk at Tony’s will foot the bill if you manage to finish the entire thing. “The Godfather” includes… Eight sausages, six rashers, a 6oz sirloin steak, four hash browns, four slices of black & white pudding, two fried eggs, two scrambled eggs, two bowls of chips, three pieces of fried tomato, one bowl of baked beans, one bowl of fried mushrooms, one bowl of onion rings, six pieces of toast, three slices of soda bread and a ‘bucket’ of tea or coffee.

4. Newton Cafe Brunch Bar – Belfast 


This east Belfast Cafe boasts the biggest fry-up in all of Northern Ireland. “The Goliath XXL” consists of a 34-piece fry (4 x soda, 4 x potato, 4 x pancake, 4 x sausages, 4 x bacon, 3 x eggs, 2 x toast, 2 x hash brown, 2 x black pudding, 2 x fried tomoato, beans, mushrooms, chips). The owners assert that out only 52 people have ever attempted this breakfast and only one person has achieved the feat. The successful challenger, North Belfast’s Martin Cooper, said it took him 44 minutes to eat. meal!

5. The Hard Boiled Egg – Cavan


This cafe holds the Guinness World Record for the ‘World’s Largest Breakfast’ so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out this place wins the prize for biggest breakfast in Ireland. This record breaking breakfast at the Hard Boiled Egg (which, by the way, weighs nearly 4kg) includes, ten sausages, ten rashers, ten eggs, five hash browns, five ‘large’ pieces of white pudding, a bowl of chips, a ‘hill of beans’, three grilled tomatoes, a portion of mushrooms, ten slices of toast and all the tea you can drink. So there you have it. If you’re feeling like a good hearty (or heart-attack educing) fry-up, you’ll know where to look from now on.

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