5 tips for students spending a weekend in Dublin on a budget

With no classes at the weekends, Dublin is a great destination for students—and it doesn’t have to break the bank either. Here are five tips for spending a weekend in Dublin on a budget.

Five tips for students spending a weekend in Dublin on a budget

Travelling to new countries is one of the greatest ways to learn new things, including amazing art and culture. If you have never been to the city of Dublin, known for its friendliness and incredible blend of intelligence and humour, then you are missing out on a lot of fun as a traveller. Tourists have found that spending vacations in the city always leaves them wanting more.

For students, retaining a good mood is key to coming out with good grades, and travelling no doubt help one’s mood. If you are a student who loves the idea of travelling, you might as well buckle up and give Dublin a shot. Why? Well, the city is characterized as a ground for those who need to get an amazing experience.

Luckily, the city’s most interesting spots can always be visited anytime and any day, though students often choose to visit at the weekend when classes are not in session. Most students will also be travelling on a budget.

If you happen to be one of these students showing interest in the unique experience Dublin has got to offer, then this article should guide you on that. Below, we will look into some of the top tips that can be offered for students attempting to spend a weekend in Dublin on a budget.

1. Choose the best method of transport for you

Spending a weekend in Dublin on a budget means picking your mode of transport carefully

Our first budget travel tip for spending the weekend in Dublin on a budget is to pick the best method for transporting yourself. With your budget in mind, finding something that fits right into it will be easier than you had expected.

For people who wish to visit the city, airlines are made available for easy bookings. Sometimes while keeping to a budget, people spend up to £250 on everything they do in the city, including transport. If you want something lower, the city has made itself accessible through various cheaper ways. Although the amount you spend depends on where you are travelling from, you can always spend less if you go for cheaper means of travel.

If you stay outside of the city, taking a bus or train into Dublin is easy enough. Apart from buses and trains, flights are also an option. However, to make the whole process a lot cheaper, booking flight tickets in advance should do the trick. And if you wish to go with a less complex form of travel, taking a ferry to Dublin can come as an alternative.

2. Plan the duration of your visit carefully

Five tips for students spending a weekend in Dublin on a budget include planning the duration of your visit carefully

As a student, you will probably be spending no more than a couple of days in Dublin because you will need to go back to school after the weekend. Even so, your stay over there should still be well planned out. To know exactly how long you will be spending there, ensure you keep a note of all the activities you will want to indulge yourself in, as well as the places you can visit.

Doing this provides you with an idea of how much money you are most likely to spend while getting an awesome weekend experience. After putting together a plan for the duration of your stay in the city, try to stick to it as this ensures you also stick to your budget.

3. Consider the timing of your visit

Five tips for students spending a weekend in Dublin on a budget include checking the weather forecast

Your time of visit is also an essential factor you must put into consideration to maximize your enjoyment of Dublin. Keep a note of the weather forecast for the weekend you want to visit Dublin. You will not want to go on a day experiencing harsh weather, as this can greatly ruin your fun experience. That said, don’t let a little rain stop you either. That’s what umbrellas are for, and Dublin offers plenty of indoor activities.

Speaking of the time of your visit, keep in mind that it is always a great idea to visit Dublin when you are free from schoolwork. This is a great measure for also keeping good grades, as you will not want to be working on writing tasks while having fun in Dublin.

“Although there are many ways you can find help to do your work for you,” says Samantha Denyer, a writer at essay writing service UK, “it is a better idea you avoid distractions while travelling to Dublin or other cities, especially if you are a student.”

4. Review the best and most affordable places to shop and eat in Dublin

Review the best and most affordable places to shop and eat in Dublin before you visit

When in Dublin, there are many items you can purchase. Ranging from school items and tools to amazing gadgets and special meals, people can get all they need to get the best kind of travel experience. As someone who loves to travel, you are sure to find the best kind of travel items. Also, the internet has made things easier, as you can better find affordable items and order amazing restaurant meals.

Speaking of restaurants, Dublin is made up of some of the best restaurants on the island of Ireland. No doubt, you are sure to love what you find there. Just be sure to check menu prices first!

5. Look into the best affordable accommodations

Hostels are affordable accommodation options in Dublin
Credit: @gardiner_house / Instagram

There are many affordable hotels in Dublin. Today, all you have to do is look up a hotel online and then you get all the information about it that you need. Hostels in Dublin are even more affordable than hotels and also great for students and for meeting other people, though you’ll want to do your research on these too and stay at hostels with positive reviews.

Now have fun and enjoy the city

Make sure to relax and enjoy your time here

Dublin is a great place for people to spend their weekend and can be a great way to boost your overall mood as a hard-working student. However, keeping to your budget is an essential way to make sure you do not spend excessively and then later regret your visit to Dublin. With the above tips, doing this should never be a problem. Have fun!

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