Top 10 all-you-can-eat restaurants in Dublin

Feeling extra hungry while in Ireland’s capital? Check out our 10 favourite buffet restaurants in Dublin.

Top buffet restaurants in Dublin

Dublin is brimming with restaurants and eateries aplenty. Whether you’re on the hunt for a date night spot or want somewhere for the whole family, the city has it all.

As a direct response to Dublin’s increasing multiculturalism, the variety of cuisines available is impressive. No matter the craving, you’re bound to find it in the capital city.

To top it off, all you can eat is more popular than ever. Often costing less than a standard bill, many of these joints have tonnes of choose from and cater even for the pickiest of eaters.

Whether you’re someone who always wants what your friend ordered or merely someone who likes to try a little bit of everything, this is for you! Here are the top ten buffet restaurants in Dublin.

10. Makati Avenue Filipino Restaurant – for authentic Filipino food

Makati Avenue is one of the top 10 buffet restaurants in Dublin
Credit: Makati Avenue Restaurant / Dublin

Located on Capel Street on the north side of Dublin city is Makati Avenue Filipino Restaurant. This joint has got to be one of the top restaurants in the city when it comes to authentic Filipino food, and man are you in for a treat!

With a buffet style display of some of the most delectable dishes from the Philippines, it is safe to say that this will be a meal to remember.

Address48 Capel St, North City, Dublin, D01 YP79

9. COSMO World Buffet Restaurant – great for big groups

COSMO World is one of the top 10 buffet restaurants in Dublin
Credit: rachel012 / TripAdvisor

Located in the Liffey Valley shopping centre on the outskirts of Dublin city is COSMO World. This buffet restaurant offers cuisine from all over the globe cooked fresh and catering for every diet and preference.

This is a large restaurant, so it’s great for big groups. Booking in advance is advised on weekends and holidays.

Address2 Liffey Valley Shopping Centre, Fonthill Rd, Dublin 22

8. Fusion Brazilian Grill – for finger-lickin’ good food

Fusion Grill Brazilian is one of the top 10 buffet restaurants in Dublin
Credit: Alessio83 / TripAdvisor

Set on the north side of Dublin city is Fusion Brazilian Grill. Specialising in flame-grilled meat, this is the perfect place for those looking for finger-lickin’ food.

Its buffet offers endless authentic Brazilian food at an affordable price for anyone who wants to feel at home, away from home.

AddressNorth City, Dublin

7. Shouk – for Mediterranean delights

Shouk is one of the top 10 buffet restaurants in Dublin
Credit: @shoukdublin / Facebook

If you’re looking for Mediterranean buffet restaurants in Dublin, look no further than Shouk in Drumcondra. This joint aims to impress with an endless offering of delectable delights.

The atmosphere is dreamy and the dishes cater for meat-, seafood- and plant-based diets, so there’s a little something for everyone.

Address40 Drumcondra Rd Lower, Drumcondra, Dublin

6. Lao Chinese and Korean BBQ Restaurant – a great party setting 

Lao Chinese and Korean BBQ is one of the top 10 buffet restaurants in Dublin
Credit: Yuyang X / TripAdvisor

Located on Parnell Square in Dublin city is Lao Chinese and Korean BBQ Restaurant. This place is known for its epic menu of barbequed dishes, and it’s rarely empty either.

Private rooms can be booked for groups, making this a great party setting, and if you’re planning a visit any time soon, make sure to try the hot pot. You can thank us later!

Address102 Parnell Square W, Rotunda, Dublin 1

5. Jazz Chinese – for a fantastic and affordable buffet 

Jazz Chinese is one of the top 10 buffet restaurants in Dublin
Credit: @JazzChineseRestaurantCoolock / Facebook

Set in the Northside suburb of Kilmore near Coolock is Jazz Chinese. Indeed this may appear to be your run-of-the-mill Chinese restaurant, but man is their all-you-can-eat offering something to write home about.

For only €20 per person, an endless array of Oriental delights are yours for the taking – enjoy!

AddressNorthside, Dublin

4. Zucconi Sushi Bar – the best sushi in Dublin

Zucconi is one of the top 10 buffet restaurants in Dublin
Credit: Zucconi Restaurant management / TripAdvisor

Near Mountjoy, north of the River Liffey, is Zucconi Sushi Bar, a Japanese buffet restaurant in Dublin that is well worth a visit.

Locals have tipped this to be the best sushi in the capital city, so if you’re fond of the Eastern delicacy, this place will be your wonderland.

Address1 Frenchman’s Ln, Mountjoy, Dublin

3. Golden Palace – for a Chinese buffet with table service

Golden Palace offers all you can eat Chinese food
Credit: @xiaobei0520 / Instagram

Located in Whitehall in a Northside suburb of Dublin city is Golden Palace, a Chinese restaurant offering one of the top buffet restaurants in Dublin. Stepping things up a notch, they offer table service that enhances the experience of what would otherwise be a self-serve buffet dinner.

Seeing as this is one of the most popular restaurants in the locale, booking is advised at Golden Palace.

Address89 Swords Rd, Whitehall, Dublin 9

2. KC Peaches – for a wholesome and healthy lunch buffet

KC Peaches offer healthy buffet items

KC Peaches offers offers one of the Dublin’s largest selections of gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and vegetarian food. Their offerings include a fantastic buffet of hot and cold items for breakfast and lunch.

You won’t want to miss this place if you are looking for healthy buffet restaurants in Dublin. They have three locations in Dublin, though our favourite might be the one on Dame Street.

Address54 Dame St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland

1. Mongolian Barbecue – an authentic Mongolian eatery

Mongolian Barbecue may be the ultimate all-you-can-eat place in Dublin

Situated in the heart of the “cultural quarter” (a local term for Temple Bar) is Mongolian Barbeque, and it has got to be the ultimate all-you-can-eat restaurant in Dublin.

With master chefs preparing dishes fresh in front of your eyes, guests are sure to be transported to the East, engulfed by the aromas and atmosphere of an authentic Mongolian eatery.

Address7 Anglesea St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

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