5 Reasons For Cycling Through Ireland

A car is nowadays the comfortable way of travelling around Ireland. Irrespective of weather conditions, you are able to see a lot of Ireland’s countryside. However, everyone who wants adventure is probably preferring to cycle and leave the car in the garage. Outlined below are five great reasons why you should try to ride a bike through the green country.

1. The Price

A trip can be quite expensive, especially if you are travelling for two to three weeks. Accommodation, food, souvenirs etc. are all outgoings that add up to a respective sum. All the better that you can indeed save money when you rent bikes instead of cars. Renting bikes costs approximately €200 for three weeks. In addition, you do not have to stop at the petrol station for fuel. Oh, and you’ll have more money to spend on beer and not feel guilty about it because you are exercising on your journey!

2. Fit, Fun and Healthy

Apart from the fact that cycling is environmentally-friendly, it is also good for you. It keeps you fit and imagine breathing in fresh air and smelling the green grass. Cycling is great fun as well, although you have to beware: Ireland has some massive hillsides which might be exhausting or even impossible for someone to keep cycling (unless you are a Fitness-junkie).

3. Flexibility

It is undeniable that you cannot cover as many kilometers by cycling as by driving. But you do not have to find a car park which can be quite expensive sometimes. If you want to cycle to the cliffs or to the beach you can do so and paths along the coast are sometimes only accessible by bike. And if you want to stop to enjoy your great view you can stop wherever you want without hindering cars passing by.

4. Fully embrace the beautiful landscape and nature

One advantage of cycling is that you can see, smell and feel nature. Imagine sitting in the car and watch the scenery passing by in no time. If you ride your bike you can be closer to Ireland’s outstanding reputation: the beautiful landscapes. Green fields and rough landscapes cannot be observed by sitting in the car. And especially the sound of waves is even more worthwhile to listen to than the best song on the radio.

5. Many opportunities and ways

Whether it is the “Wild Atlantic Way” or “The Ring of Kerry”. There are many opportunities and renowned cycling tours that just wait for you to pack your bags and to head off towards Ireland’s beautiful countryside.

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