5 Reasons You NEED To Visit Dublin’s First Aqua Park

We’ve tried Dublin’s newest attraction: an inflatable aqua park in Dun Laoghaire Harbour, a super fun activity for kids and adults. Here’s why you should visit Harbour Splash while they are still open. (All summer, until the end of September)

1. The best fun you will have on the water

Think total wipeout! Sliding, jumping, slipping, flying in the air and falling in the water. These are all universal things people love.

No particular skills required and open to everyone age 6 upwards you can make your time on the park as fast or slow-paced as you like. Perfect to challenge your friends or colleagues to a race!

2. It’s even better when it rains!

That’s what’s so great about watersports – you will be wet anyway so you will have fun rain or shine.

At Harbour Splash you are provided with a wetsuit, and once you’re starting on the obstacle course, you will have soon forgotten about the weather anyway.

Bonus: the rain makes sure the whole aqua park is really slippery for even more fun.

3. The Blast Bag!

Have you seen videos of this? If not, check them out on the Harbour Splash Facebook page. Kids (and adults) love to fly, and with this feature, people can be blasted in the air for a different adrenaline kick.

4. The facility is an attraction in itself

The aqua park reception and changing rooms are on a big Dutch canal barge called ‘Stella’. This beautiful boat cannot be missed when you are visiting the Dún Laoghaire Coal Harbour.

Parents enjoy watching the show from the deck where Harbour Splash staff serve coffee, cold drinks and snacks.

5. Perfect for all ages and skill levels, alone or with a group

Whether you are 8, 18 or 58 – you will have fun on the aqua park, guaranteed! Apart from swimming, there are no skills required, and all equipment is provided which makes this activity ideal for school tours, youth groups, corporate events, birthday parties, stag or hen parties or merely a family day out or for a get-together with friends.


It’s easy to organise (they even sell towels for those that only decide spontaneously to go out), and the lifeguards will make sure all the participants enjoy the fun safely.

You can book online on www.harboursplash.ie, contact them on Facebook or just give them a call 01-5240602.

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