There is a little Fermanagh Island which is inhabited by no humans, only pigs…

pig island

Co. Fermanagh butcher Pat O’Doherty has offered an alternative to popular farming methods by dedicating an island to his pigs. The pigs are allowed to run free around Inish Corkish island. Pat’s great speciality is his Fermanagh Black Bacon, and he has spent years travelling the length and breath of Lough Erne in his boat talking to islanders and farmers about bacon, pigs and farming. He uncovered ancient Irish bacon-making secrets that have been used in Fermanagh since the dawn of time. The secret is ‘Happy pigs!’


O’Doherty’s Fresh Meats, Enniskillen, is a butchery specializing in a wide range of meat products from fine Fermanagh lamb to prime fillet steaks. Meat from Pat’s butchers graces the tables of some of the world’s most famous people, including Queen Elizabeth II.

Watch the remarkable story below:

His island also featured on a tourism video:

You can get in touch with O’Doherty’s Butchers in Eniskillen and visit the island for yourself: Website

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