IB4UD founder Stevie Haughey talks Irish travel on World Radio Paris interview

In an interview with World Radio Paris, Ireland Before You Die founder Stevie Haughey shares the inspiring story of how the website started and the top places you need to visit in Ireland.

In an interview with World Radio Paris’ Smart Travel show, Stevie Haughey, founder of Ireland Before You Die, spoke to host Natalie Gond about how the Irish travel website began.

Sharing his top tips on the best ways to see Ireland and where to visit on the Emerald Isle if you have a limited amount of time, Haughey shared his passion for all things Irish and how he turned his love for his home country into a successful business.

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How it all began – the story of IB4UD

IB4UD founder Stevie Haughey speaks to World Radio Paris about how the Irish travel website began.

In the interview with World Radio Paris’s Smart Travel show, Haughey revealed how his passion for travel and Ireland began at a young age when he would holiday at different destinations around Ireland with his parents.

“My parents always brought me around Ireland. We’d go on a lot of holidays, and growing up, travel was always something to look forward to,” he said.

However, it wasn’t until he moved to England for university and spent time away from the Emerald Isle that he fell in love with Ireland, the place he grew up.

Haughey says that rediscovering a passion for Ireland and searching for travel tips online inspired him to set up his own travel site, and hence, Ireland Before You Die was born.

Revealing how he grew the Facebook page to 70,000 followers in under a week, the IB4UD founder tells the story of the Irish travel website’s roots in the World Radio Paris interview.

How to build a travel website – make money doing what you love

Credit: Ireland Before You Die

When asked how the Irish travel website makes money, Haughey reveals how online revenue works and shares his top tips for building a business online.

Amidst the current pandemic, many people miss the freedom of travel enjoyed pre-lockdown and are turning to virtual tours online to gain inspiration for where to visit once restrictions are lifted.

Talking about the importance of tourism in Ireland, Haughey said, “Tourists bring more jobs, and the economy will prosper if tourism is prospering, so everyone is going to appreciate when travel is back.”

Top tips for visiting Ireland – when to visit and where to see

You need to visit County Kerry in Ireland.
Credit: Tourism Ireland

Haughey gave his advice to those looking to plan a trip to the Emerald Isle, disclosing when is the best time to visit Ireland, the best places to see in a week, and the Irish food you need to try while you’re here.

Explaining where the most beautiful spots of Ireland are and when you can see them without all the crowds, Haughey revealed his top tips for a stress-free trip to Ireland.

When asked what parts of Ireland you need to see on your first visit to the Emerald Isle, Haughey said, “You have to go to Dublin, Cork, Kerry, and Galway.”

Talking about what you can see on Ireland Before You Die and his other website about Irish culture, Meanwhile in Ireland, Haughey said, “If you’re looking any tips of any places to go in Ireland, go on Ireland Before You Die!

If you just want a bit of fun and want to see what Irish memes look like, go on Meanwhile in Ireland.”

To hear more about the story of the Irish travel website and the best things to see and do on the Emerald Isle, check out the World Radio Paris interview with IB4UD founder Stevie Haughey below.

Listen to the Interview:

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