5 best cafes in County Down with warm and cosy atmospheres

Serving delicious pancakes and toothsome full English breakfasts, these are the best cafes in County Down which offer a cosy and welcoming atmosphere.

5 best cafes in County Down with warm and cosy atmospheres

We know what it’s like—you’re out walking somewhere, perhaps doing the weekly shopping, the sky is starting to get a little overcast and you’re wishing you decided to wear a warmer coat. Then, before you know it, the rain has all of a sudden started lashing down.

You’re looking around for somewhere to take shelter, and all you want is a nice big cup of tea to warm your insides. That’s pretty much how this article came to be—from our getting caught in the rain and ducking into the nearest café for something warm.

Compiled here are the five best cafes in County Down with lovely cosy vibes to warm you back up! 

5. Steamer’s Coffee Shop – for beautiful views of a county park 

Steamer’s Coffee Shop – for beautiful views of a county park

Situated in Killyleagh’s Delamount county park, Steamer’s Coffee Shop is sure to serve you delicious and filling food. The full English breakfast here is to die for—we’re not even being dramatic about it, it’s just genuinely that good. 

This cosy little café is perfect for sheltering from the rain; thanks to the huge windows all around Steamer’s, having lunch here while watching the wind and rain thrash around the trees in Delamount outside is honestly one of our favourite things. 

You know those people who chase storms? Well, we’re kinda like that, except we’d prefer to be plopped in a little cosy café with a coffee watching the destruction unfurl all around. 

AddressDownpatrick BT30 9TZ

4. Mauds – for the best coffee in County Down

Mauds – for the best coffee in County Down
Credit: @maudsbelfast / Instagram

This quaint little café in Ballynahinch serves absolutely out-of-this-world coffee. Made fresh and with a full roasted flavour, it would be impossible for it to not fill you to your core with warmth. 

Mauds also serve some phenomenal dessert treats—most people already know about their delicious ice cream, but if you’re visiting here when it’s not June or July, you may not be in the mood for ice cream. We recommend the banoffee pie, served with whipped cream and grated chocolate flakes. Mmm . . . 

We wonder if it would be acceptable to go for lunch at 4 pm? All joking aside, this place is wholly deserving of being on our list of best cafes in County Down

Address10 Main St, Ballynahinch BT24 8XB

3. Savoy Café – for the perfect breakfast bagel 

Credit: @savoy_cafe / Instagram

Bagels are little slices of heaven sent to us by angels. Savoy knows this, and if you don’t, you will after eating one of their breakfast bagels. Scrambled egg, cheese, bacon. What’s not to love? 

This café has such a welcoming and cosy atmosphere made even more so by the friendly and chatty staff. We could spend hours in this delightful little café just watching people walking around outside, going about their lives while we slurp at a mouth-watering hot chocolate. 

We could go on about how wonderful this place is, but we’re going to let Google reviewer Joe Kelly end this one off: “ […] great on any day, but on a wet Tuesday in Newcastle … Priceless!!” 

AddressMain Street, Newcastle, Newcastle BT33 0AE

2. The Conservatory Cafe  – an excellent pit stop

Muffler Coffee Shop – an excellent pit stop

We pass this cosy café on our way to Belfast nearly every day, and we stop in here at least once a week for our usual: two cups of coffee, a cherry scone, and maybe if we’re feeling it, a slice of whatever delicious pie they’ve made fresh that day. 

The Conservatory Cafe always has a range of that day’s newspapers lined out for guests to pick up while they enjoy a light (or heavy, we don’t judge!) lunch. 

They also have some delectable dessert treats available for you to purchase and take home, the chocolate muffins alone are fantastic and make this place one of the best cafes in County Down. 

Address3 Comber Rd, Balloo, Newtownards BT23 6PA

1. Oakley Fayre – the top choice from the best cafes in County Down

Oakley Fayre – the top choice from the best cafes in County Down
Credit: @oakleyfayre / Instagram

We always knew what was going to be number one on this list. We’ve been coming to the Oakley Fayre for years, at least 15 for this writer personally. Their pancake stacks are wonderful—they are our recommendation if you visit.  

We’ve taken shelter from the weather in this place myriad times before, and we’ve always left the cafés comforting and cosy atmosphere feeling much better about the miserable rain outside. It’s pretty hard to be upset with a stomach full of maple syrup, bacon, and pancakes. 

Shout out to the amazing deli in this place. It has a wonderful selection of treats and pastries for the visitor to take home. This place more than deserves the title of best café in County Down. 

Address52 Market St, Downpatrick BT30 6LY

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