You could win a field in Donegal this St. Patrick’s Day

Ever wondered what it might be like to own land in the beautiful highlands of Donegal? Now could be your chance.

You could win a field in Donegal this St Patrick’s Day. Na Magha, Derry City’s sole hurling and camogie club, are raffling off the beautiful two-acre ‘Pound’ field outside the village of Doochary.

The land is right next to the incredible Glenveagh National Park in County Donegal.

With stunning surroundings, the piece of land would be the perfect place to make your home, planning permission permitted.

Steeped in history once inhabited by monks

You could win a field in Donegal this St Patrick's day that is steeped in history.

This beautiful plot of land resonates with a fascinating history. It was once a place of refuge for Tory Island monks.

They were run out of their monastery on the island during the Tudor invasion in 1595, a part of the Nine Year’s War.

Later in 1861, businessman John George Adair started mass evictions on this very land. The vast open landscapes are attributed to this act, known as the infamous Derryveagh evictions.

You could win a field in Donegal this St Patrick’s Day, a field steeped in fascinating history.

Nature all around rivers, mountains and stunning landscapes


The stunning piece of land is located beside Glenveagh National Park. You can see amazing views of the Glendowan and Derryveagh mountain ranges on the north side of the field.

It sits in a quiet, serene valley with the Abhainn Bhuí River on two sides. This river is a part of the Gweebarra, the famous fishing river that flows out to the Atlantic Ocean. You can find yourself catching some salmon right from your front door.

You can also wonder at the beauty of the red deer that inhabit the hills above during the summer months. Or maybe you’d prefer to partake in some of the outdoor activities nearby, like surfing at the Dooey Strand.

For £20 for 20 tickets, you could win a field in Donegal this St Patrick’s Day.

A boost for Irish sports supporting hurling and camogie

You could win a field in Donegal this St Patrick's day and support Irish sports.
Credit: / @roninmd

The club’s hope in their raffle is that they can fundraise money to support hurling and camogie in Derry. These sports have seen a decline in interest in the last 60 years.

There used to be nine clubs in Derry City. Now, Na Magha stands alone.

They hope to undo this trend, surging interest back into the sports and gaining the interest of young people, as they are the future of the national games.

The club also hopes to improve its facilities. They will build a new field with the vision of generating more interest and traffic to the sports.

By buying tickets for the raffle, you’ll not only be in with the chance of winning some beautiful land, but you’ll also assist in giving the sports of hurling and camogie a well-deserved boost.

The draw will take place live on the club’s Facebook page on St Patrick’s Day. You can buy tickets at the Donegal Gaeltacht, 20 tickets for £20, 40 for £40 or 60 tickets for £50, or get them here.

So get buying! You could win a field in Donegal this St Patrick’s Day.

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