You can rent an entire Irish castle on Airbnb to feel like royalty

Believe it or not, there is an entire Irish castle available to rent on Airbnb, so you and your friends can live out your dreams of living like royalty.

Always fancied yourself as a king or queen? Well, now is your chance to fulfil that dream. You and your friends now have the opportunity to rent out an entire Irish castle on Airbnb.

Live like royalty in Tubbrid Castle in County Kilkenny, which has been fully refurbished to offer an outstanding Airbnb to stay in.

Tubbrid Castle is steeped in history. You’ll want to read on to find out more about the beautiful castle, its incredible back story, and how you can stay in it today.

Tubbrid Castle – accommodation fit for a king

Muircheartach set up camp at Tubbrid, where you can now find an Irish castle on Airbnb.

Back in 942AD, the king of modern-day Ulster, Muircheartach, set up camp at Tubbrid. Muircheartach and his army had marched to Kilkenny to defend his allies, who were under attack by the King of Cashel, Callaghan.

It is said that the fort that stood at Tubbrid was where Muircheartach rested. Tubbrid, being at the edge of his enemies’ territories, was the perfect spot to relax before the battle.

Little did he know, people would still be using this area as a spot to relax centuries later, and now you can be one of them.

Margaret FitzGerald – the great countess of Ormond

Margaret Fitzgerald was the great countess of Ormond.

The 8th Countess of Ormond, Margaret FitzGerald, is said to have been responsible for constructing the Irish castle on Airbnb. During her stay at Tubbrid, she would sleep in the top-floor bedroom of the castle that now stands today.

The great countess is said to have been one of the most remarkable women. During her time, she did many great things for Kilkenny.

The Countess is responsible for establishing the Kilkenny Grammar School, which continues today as Kilkenny College.

FitzGerald also takes credit for building many noteworthy landmarks such as Gowran Castle and Grannagh Castle. She is buried with her husband, Piers Butler, in St Canice’s Cathedral in Kilkenny, where you can visit their effigies.

The castle today – a 15th-century tower house

You can now rent an Irish castle on Airbnb.

With extensive renovations on the building by John Campion, senior and junior, the fifteenth-century tower house is now available to rent as an Irish castle on Airbnb.

The castle hosts three beautifully decorated bedrooms, each one thoughtfully named after three essential people in the castle’s history.

Seomra Sheáin is named after the late John Campion Senior, who began renovations on the dilapidating building in 2004.

Rí Ailig is the room dedicated to Muicheartach, while the Leapa Mhaighread room is named after the great Countess of Ormond.

This unique Airbnb stay looks like one of the most memorable stays Irish Airbnb has to offer. Located only 20 minutes from the medieval city of Kilkenny, this is a must-visit location for your Irish bucket list.

Things to do in the area – so much to see and do

Check out St Canice's cathedral in Kilkenny.

With Kilkenny only a 20-minute drive away, you can explore the iconic cobbled back streets of Ireland’s Ancient East.

While there, you might consider paying homage to the great Countess of Ormond, responsible for building the Irish castle on Airbnb, by visiting her effigy in St Canice’s Cathedral.

We recommend climbing to the top of Canice’s round tower. Canice’s Tower is one of two round towers in Ireland that you can climb, allowing for the most magnificent views of Kilkenny City from its 100ft (30.5 metres) height. This is one attraction you can’t miss.

After climbing back down the 121 steps, you’ll want to go straight across the city to Kilkenny Castle. This is where the 8th Countess of Ormond lived with her husband, Piers Butler, during their reign as the Earl and Countess of Ormond.

Kilkenny is a must-see while staying in an Irish castle on Airbnb in Kilkenny.

Book a tour of the magnificent castle and learn about the backdrop of Kilkenny throughout the ages. For those travelling on a budget, you can explore the castle grounds for free.

While you’re there, try and find the graveyard; bonus points for those who find the tiny grave dedicated to the royal dog!

After exploring Kilkenny Castle and its grounds, you may want to retire back to your own royal quarters at Tubbrid. However, if you’d prefer to extend your sightseeing, we recommend eating in Petronella on the historic Butterslip.

Petronella is a must-visit restaurant in Kilkenny.
Credit: facebook/ Petronella

Petronella sits in a building steeped in its own history and named after Petronella de Meath; the first woman burned in Europe for witchcraft. Staff members here will be happy to regale you with her tale.

After your meal, a trip to Ryans bar on Friary Street is essential to finish any day in Kilkenny.

Expect accomodating staff, great music, and one of our favourite beer gardens in the South East. You can find more great restaurant options in Killkenny here.

After all that fun, you’ll be all too happy to retire to your royal quarters for a night of rest.

Do you need any more convincing? Find out how you can book your stay here.

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