You can now stay in a Harry Potter Airbnb in Ireland and it’s truly magical!

Break away from your worries, deadlines, and to-do lists. We’ve got the perfect trip lined up for you with this magical Harry Potter Airbnb in Ireland.

Welcome witches and wizards to Spellcast Cottage in Enniscorthy, County Wexford.

It’s the perfect holiday home for fans of the Harry Potter series featuring lavish wooden furniture, Victorian-style rugs, and plenty of Potter-themed décor.

You’ll feel like a Hogwarts student lounging by the fire in the Gryffindor common room. This almost makes up for your Hogwarts letter that never arrived, doesn’t it?

Discover this magical Harry Potter Airbnb in Ireland below.

Enniscorthy – Wexford’s most enchanting town

You can find the cottage in Enniscorthy.
Credit: Fáilte Ireland

As you know, Spellcast Cottage is in Enniscorthy, County Wexford.

This gorgeous town offers many local attractions to enjoy during your stay at the best Harry Potter Airbnb in Ireland.

Take the day to enjoy some scenic strolls around Altamont Gardens or Johnstown Castle.

Cyclists can take pleasure in the nearby Waterford Greenway, while outdoors fans can choose between hiking Mount Leinster or canoeing along the trail from Goresbridge to Graig.

The magical Harry Potter in Airbnb – a good fit for everyone

Book a night at this Harry Potter Airbnb in Ireland.

Spellcast Cottage has all the essentials to suit a couple, a group of friends, or a family with young children.

It has a sitting room equipped with Netflix, wifi, and cable TV, along with a kitchenette, a bathroom, and enough beds to suit four guests.

The place is abundant in charming touches and references to the Harry Potter series, making it a truly special experience. So much so that you’ll never want to leave!

The finishing touches – can you spot the magical details?

The finishing touches are what make this Harry Potter Airbnb in Ireland so special.

The sitting room of this Harry Potter Airbnb in Ireland has a 100-year-old fireplace with a captivating fire effect.

We particularly like the cat and pumpkin ornaments in this room because they give the place a cosy autumnal feel.

Superfans will adore the Platform 9 ¾ decorations and the trophy case displaying several Harry Potter items such as the big knight statue and potted mandrake.

Merlin’s beard, there’s more – here are the secrets of the first floor

Sleep in the cupboard under the stairs like Harry.

Don’t go upstairs just yet. The cupboard under the stairs here is exactly what you’d expect from a Harry Potter Airbnb in Ireland – it has a bed with a Harry Potter duvet (of course) and framed photographs of scenes from the movies.

Be sure to check out the garden also, which has a brick wall display to represent Platform 9 ¾, complete with a protruding trolley full of luggage and a birdcage with an owl inside.

Discover what’s upstairs – luckily, the stairs don’t move like they do in Hogwarts

Say hello to 'The Fat Lady' at this Harry Potter Airbnb in Ireland.

Another wooden owl will greet you as you make your way upstairs in this Harry Potter Airbnb in Ireland.

You will find a steep staircase leading to a dormitory containing four canopy beds, just like the ones in Gryffindor tower.

Keep walking, and you will see a portrait of the woman who guards Gryffindor tower, known to Hogwarts students as ‘The Fat Lady’.

Behind the secret door, you’ll notice a seating area lit by glow in the dark wallpaper, perfectly placed to engage your spooky senses.

The reviews are in – guests can’t get enough of the place

You can even visit Platform 9 3/4.

This Harry Potter Airbnb in Ireland has a perfect five-star rating, which makes sense when you read through all the glowing reviews.

Olivia, the Airbnb host, is praised for being very responsive, endlessly helpful, and friendly. Guests have also described Spellcast Cottage as spotlessly clean and full of surprises.

Book this Harry Potter Airbnb in Ireland before it's too late.

One guest wrote via owl post:

“Absolutely fantastic home with everything you need and more! The beds were so comfy! The attention to detail is better than any home I ever witnessed – a Harry Potter fan’s dream!”

So, join us by raising your butterbeer, and let’s drink to that. If you’re interested in landing a reservation, we’d advise you to book well in advance.

Spellcast Cottage is in high demand. So, book via Airbnb and experience the wizarding world of Harry Potter right here in Ireland!

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