Why Lough Derg is being reinvented as Ireland’s Lake Como

Ireland’s tourist appeal has skyrocketed in recent years, and for the Emerald Isle, the only way is up.

Could we have an up-and-coming dream destination on our hands? Here is why Lough Derg is being reinvented as Ireland’s Lake Como.

Italy is known as one of the most popular tourist countries globally, thanks to its stunning Renaissance feel, Tuscan countryside, and laid-back vibe.

In recent years, however, tourists from far and wide have been making the trip to the Emerald Isle. So, here is why Lough Derg is being reinvented as Ireland’s answer to Lake Como.

Lough Derg is being reinvented as Ireland's Lake Como.
Credit: Pixabay / travelspot

Lake Como in Italy is known for its fantastic scenery and chilled out vibe. So much so that it has drawn celebrities like George Clooney to move there.

The stunning Lake has also been the setting for many Hollywood movies, including James Bond: Casino Royale, filmed at Villa del Balbianello, aptly located at the lakeshore.

Bellagio is also a fantastic spot to stroll around and admire the high-end stores, fancy cafes, and cobbled alleyways. But what if we told you that Ireland is set to have its very own Lake Como?

Read on to find out why Lough Derg is being reinvented as Ireland’s Lake Como.

The plan – exciting things to come

Exciting things to come for Lough Derg.
Credit: Fáilte Ireland

With the pandemic encouraging staycations throughout the country, Irish beaches and the Wild Atlantic Way are welcoming more local visitors.

Now, Lough Derg, located between the counties of Clare, Tipperary, and Galway, is set to be Ireland’s answer to Lake Como.

According to the Irish Independent, Lough Derg is set to be the centre of Irish tourism. We can imagine that this will well and truly be the spot to see and be seen by next summer.

Of course, people have been visiting Lough Derg for years now, especially boaters, fishing enthusiasts, and all-around nature lovers. Still, we can see this expanding to an even bigger array of people in the near future.

Boasting a prime location in the centre of Ireland, it is unfortunate that many people bypass this gem to get to the popular Wild Atlantic Way or even across to Ireland’s Ancient East.

But you would be surprised at what you’re missing out on here at this fantastic spot.

What’s in store? – here’s what to expect

Lough Derg is being reinvented as Ireland's Lake Como.
Credit: Fáilte Ireland

You’ll be eager to know that plans are being unveiled to transform Lough Derg into a ‘top eco-friendly tourist destination’. Of course, having this on our doorstep means we can see it all happen before our eyes.

A 64-page strategic plan outlining how best to utilize the already existing amenities will be put in place very soon. There are also plans for developing the assets of the area further as Lough Derg is being reinvented as Ireland’s Lake Como.

Unlike many other lakeside spots throughout Europe and the world, Lough Derg is set to take on the same plan as Lake Como to avoid over-commercialization. This is something we are sure locals and Irish people nationwide will be happy to hear.

Reinventing Lough Derg as Irelands Lake Como is a fantastic idea, but the Irish character must stay.

The new Lough Derg – an exciting plan is on the way

An exciting plan is on the way.
Credit: Fáilte Ireland

One of the biggest factors is the plan to extend the tourism season, meaning that no matter what time of year you plan to visit, there will be a warm welcome from Lough Derg and plenty of things to do.

There are currently many outdoor activities to avail of around its 179 km (111 miles) of shoreline, including beautiful vistas and heaps of heritage suitable for everyone. So, we think expanding this already existing idyllic location is a great idea.

This new image of Lough Derg will bring more employment and revenue. This will, in turn, greatly benefit the local community and already existing businesses.

We can envision more people taking their boats, kayaks, and paddleboards down here and really making a fantastic staycation out of this stunning Lough. Plus, it will be inviting tourists to an area they might not have considered before.

Lough Derg is being reinvented as Ireland's Lake Como.
Credit: Fáilte Ireland

The new plan, known as the ‘Lough Derg Visitor Experience Development’, will outline this new image for Lough Derg.

Locals are not the only ones excited when it comes to Lough Derg being reinvented as Ireland’s Lake Como. Organizations such as Failte Ireland, Waterways Ireland, Inland Fisheries, and the surrounding county councils are all onboard with this ambitious plan.

Plus, the entire Shannon region is set to see a reinvention of its own with a € 76.5m strategic plan backed by the councils of Tipperary and Clare.

Ireland has some amazing spots. But now that Lough Derg is being reinvented as Ireland’s Lake Como, we are so excited for what’s to come.

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