Why Ireland takes FAIRIES more SERIOUSLY than you think

Fairies are significant in Irish heritage and folklore, and if you are wondering why they are taken so seriously, then keep reading; you might be surprised.

Why Ireland takes fairies more seriously than you think.

When you think of fairies, you might imagine small mythical creatures with an air of magic around them, and while that may be an accurate depiction, to the Irish, they hold much more significance.

If you have heard about Irish legend and mythology, you may know that this side of Ireland is ingrained in the country’s heritage and with this comes the belief that fairies need to be taken seriously.

So, if you have ever wondered what significance fairies hold on the Emerald Isle and the superstitions and beliefs that go hand in hand, then read on for some fascinating insights.

Let’s venture into why Ireland takes fairies more seriously than you think.

Irish folklore, myths and legends – the belief in fairies

Irish folklore, myths and legends.
Credit: PICRYL

The Irish version of a fairy is a far cry from what you might have seen in Hollywood blockbusters; in fact, the belief in fairies dates back to the Celtic people, who believed these were mythical creatures associated with divine beings.

Also known as the Tuatha Dé Danann, fairies were said to be the original inhabitants of Ireland before the arrival of humans, and the Celts traced their heritage back to them.

Irish people take fairies more seriously than you think because, according to Irish folklore, these ethereal creatures live in a mythical fairy realm alongside our world, and they possess magical powers.

It is because of the belief that messing with fairy trees or fairy forts around the country to make way for construction, etc., can bring about bad luck, leading to motorways and roads being built around powerful fairy trees and bushes.

Between Limerick and Galway lies a Hawthorn tree, which is said to be one of the most powerful fairy trees – which holds the magical entrance to the fairy world.

In 1999, plans for the M18 were halted and redesigned, and almost ten years later, the road was built in a particular way to protect the powerful tree.

You may even find it surprising that the locals are more than obliged, no matter the rerouting cost, which shows how seriously Irish people take fairies and their sacred spaces.

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Respect for fairies – why Ireland takes fairies more seriously than you think

Why Ireland takes fairies more seriously than you think.

Irish people, known for their resilience, have a considerable respect for fairies and folklore in general, which can be seen in many ways.

Throughout Ireland, there are many fairy mounds, fairy trees, fairy trails and fairy bushes, which proves that fairies are no joke in Ireland.

Irish people believe that fairies are to be respected and protected at all costs since they have a habit of holding a grudge for years if anyone does anything to disturb them.

You could say that fairies are taken seriously because they are to be feared in some ways to avoid bad luck.

The Tuatha da Danan.
Credit: commonswikimedia.org

According to Irish folklore, which has some iconic symbols which remain today, when the Celts arrived in Ireland, they met the Tuatha de Danann and began a war against them.

When the Celts won the war, the Tuatha de Danann used their magical powers to turn themselves into (Sidhe) fairies, who retreated underground, where they are said to exist still.

Perhaps it is because of the harsh circumstances that the Irish now fear these fairies and feel a duty to protect them and obey them since it was their land to begin with.

If you ask any Irish person, they will all have their fairytales to tell, and most locals know all about the fairy trees or forts in their area.

Where to find the fairies in Ireland – entrances to the otherworld

Where to find fairies in Ireland.
Credit: pixabay.com

One of the most enchanting things about Ireland, and another way to see how Ireland takes fairies more seriously than you think, is to watch out for fairy-related places around the country.

No matter where you go, there will almost always be an entrance to the otherworld, where the Irish believe the fairies still exist.

This can range from caves and tombs to hollow trees and roots, but you can imagine that there are far more than this to look out for.

Many say that Ireland is a magical land with a fairytale-like atmosphere, and maybe that is because this is true. Ireland is home to many powerful places, and it is said that fairies can be seen by those who have ‘the gift’.

It was back in early Christian times that the Irish people often associated anything with pagan roots with the fairies, and today, this belief is still apparent and taken very seriously. This is among many Irish cultural traditions with roots in paganism.

To this day, many folks claim to have seen fairies, so keep your eyes open the next time you find yourself in fairy territory; you never know what you might see.

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