Where was Bodkin filmed? The locations used for the Netflix hit

Since its debut last week, Irish television show Bodkin has taken Netflix by storm. But where was Bodkin filmed?

Where was Bodkin filmed? The locations used for the Netflix hit.

Irish films and television shows always cause a commotion. Global audiences often marvel at the scenery on display, while local audiences spend more time trying to work out where places are.

Recent Netflix hit Bodkin has made the latter a little trickier, though, and has left many people wondering: Where in Ireland is Bodkin?

Bodkin is a dark comedy thriller created by British writer and producer Jez Scharf.

It follows Gilbert Power (Will Forte; The Last Man on Earth), an American true crime podcast host of Irish descent who travels to the Irish town of Bodkin to investigate a cold missing persons case.

Forte is joined by some famous actors, including Dublin’s Siobhán Cullen (Obituary, The Dry) and Robyn Cara (We Die Young, Trying). There are also a few other Irish actors, like David Wilmot, Seán Óg Cairns, Kerri McLean, and Chris Walley of The Young Offenders.

The show came out on Netflix just last week (9 May) and has proven a huge hit. It is currently fifth on the streaming service’s weekly global top ten list.

Where was Bodkin filmed? – mostly in West Cork

A still from the Netflix TV show Bodkin.
Credit: imdb.com

As with most productions filmed in Ireland, the beautiful scenery takes centre stage in Bodkin. It may lead many viewers – even those born and bred on the Emerald Isle – to wonder: Where is Bodkin?

However, the titular town is not actually a real place! Rest assured, however, there’s no computer-generated substitute nor elaborately designed set. The entire show was filmed in Ireland.

The beautiful County Cork fishing village of Union Hall doubled as Bodkin itself.

“It [Bodkin] had to be West Cork,” said Jez Scarf. “You drive around West Cork, and around every corner you have to step out of the car and have a look. It’s so beautiful”.

Siobhán Cullen added, “Union Hall makes the perfect Bodkin. It’s so stunning and it encapsulates all of what people imagine about the beauty of Ireland. It’s all here; it’s such a stunning place.”

Meanwhile, filming also took place at nearby Glandore, Drumadoon Pier, and Poulgorm Bridge in West Cork.

The production also travelled to County Wicklow, filming at Belmont Demesne, Enniskerry’s Carnegie Library, Sally Gap, and Travelahawk Beach, as well as Fenian Street, Howth Village, Howth Castle, and Leopardstown Racecourse in Dublin.

There was also a scene filmed at Dave’s Diner in Julianstown, County Meath.

The allure of Ireland – what took Netflix to West Cork

A shot of the village of Union Hall in West Cork.
Credit: Ireland’s Content Pool/ Marie Cremin

Bodkin’s star, Will Forte, said that working in West Cork felt “like a vacation”, adding, “I could not recommend visiting West Cork enough.”

Robyn Cara chose to highlight the stark juxtaposition between the picturesque environs of Bodkin’s filming locations and the dire nature of its subject matter: “Having such a stunning backdrop for the series is such a great contrast to the darkness and grit of the show”.

Season one of Bodkin is available to stream on Netflix now.

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