5 best vegan junk food spots in Dublin

Gone are the days where the general consensus is that vegans’ only eat “rabbit food”!

Indeed, there will always be those “haters” that are gonna hate. But in actual reality, the vegan food market is blossoming like a Spring flower. If you haven’t already hopped on board, maybe it is time to do so.

Dublin – like most other major Irish cities – has come along way in the last decade or so. Forget only being able to order a side salad or a plate of chips when living on a plant-based diet. Nowadays, there are vegan options en masse in the capital city.

Check out the five best vegan junk food spots in Dublin – you can thank us later!

5. Póg – for dessert

Instagram: ha_0_cho

The concept mission of Póg is simple: to find the delicate balance between indulgent eating and healthy food. Indeed this is not a simple feat, but all we can we say “mission accomplished”.

There are two locations, the first on Bachelor’s Walk in the heart of Dublin city (right next to the O’Connell Street Bridge on the Northside). The second is near the Tara Street DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) train station.

Launched in 2014, Póg is the brainchild of owner Rachel K who set out on a mission to reshape the idea of “healthy eating”. Realising that the vast majority of people align this with uninspired, bland dishes, she vowed to prove them wrong. And that she did!

There are tonnes of indulgent vegan options here. Whether it is the sweet potato and quinoa burger, vegan banana bread or the mouth-watering homemade waffles, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Address32 Bachelors Walk, North City, Dublin, D01 HD00

AddressTrinity Plaza, Tara St, Dublin, 2

4. Sova Vegan Butcher – for dinner

Instagram: veg_love

Sova Vegan Butcher is a restaurant which is located just off Camden Street. Dedicated to offering delicious and healthy vegan food exclusively, this spot is a favourite of those with plant-based diets in Dublin city.

Opened in May 2015, the goal of the team behind Sova Vegan Butcher is to revolutionise vegan fare. Expect a contemporary, indulgent and satisfying menu which satisfies the growing demand in the Irish capital.

How about trying a Seitan Doner Kebab or salivating over a vegan Irish Breakfast for Sunday brunch? They even do Soya Chicken Schnitzels and Herbs Chicken with Rosemary Gravy on the dinner menu and believe us: it won’t disappoint.

Address51 Pleasants St, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin

3. Veginity – for a date

Veginity is an award-winning plant-based street food parlour located in Dublin 1 on Upper Dorset Street. This restaurant aims to offer pure indulgence for those donning meat- and dairy-free diets.

This restaurant began as a street food truck offering plant-based alternatives to the usual vegan offering. Veginity then went on to wow time and again, until it opened its very own bricks and mortar location in Dublin in June 2018.

Expect some of the finest and indulgent plant-based alternatives to typical “meaty” dishes. Needless to say: this is going to be your solution to vegan junk food in Dublin going forward. They also change the menu weekly, keeping its customers on their toes!

Address101 Dorset Street Upper, Inns Quay, Dublin, D01 A2F4

2. Happy Food – for post-yoga indulgence

Instagram: happyfoodbyyogahub

Located a stone’s throw from Sova Vegan Butcher is Happy Food. This is another plant-based restaurant which offers prime vegan junk food for Dublin city dwellers.

Located at Yoga Hub, this makes for a tremendous post-class treat and is open for breakfast and lunch, Tuesday to Saturday.

Ultimate eats at this vegan and veggie café include the Full Vibe Breakfast (like an Irish breakfast but for vegans!), The Sloppy Joe (a vegan alternative to the American classic) and the Red Thai Curry.

AddressYogaHub 5-8 Camden Court, Dublin 2, D02 X284

1. McGuinness Takeaway – for late-night junk food

Instagram: mcguinnesstakeaway

Another spot along Camden Street which offers some of the most mouth-watering vegan junk food in Dublin is McGuinness Takeaway.

This classic Irish chipper breaks the mould by offering a thorough and lengthy vegan and veggie menu, separate from the usual offering of burgers and battered sausages.

Open from 5.30pm until 2.15am every night of the week, this makes for the ultimate late night vegan junk food pit stop. Options like the Vegan Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich, Battered Tofu Chunks or the Vegan Chicken Nuggets will keep you coming back for more, we promise!

This Irish family-run traditional takeaway has tapped into a growing market which sees plant-based diets on the rise in Dublin. And with that, has firmly won the title of best vegan junk food in the capital city.

Address84 Camden Street Lower, Dublin Southside, Dublin 2

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