6 Fun Places You Can Visit in Dublin this Summer

Known as the land where legend and reality mingle, Ireland is a great travel destination. But it’s not all castles and historic sights as many people think. It really has something for everyone – regardless age or iinterests So, if you are thinking about going to Ireland this summer, here are the 6 places where entertainment is guaranteed. Get ready to pack your bags and have some fun!

Sporting Emporium Casino

You can get Ireland’s premium casino experience at the Sporting Emporium Casino. Located in the heart of Dublin in a luxurious setting, it surely is THE place to visit for every casino enthusiast out there.

Visitors and members can choose from the ultimate in live-gaming which include Roulette, Blackjack, Brag, Punto Banco, and Poker. In addition to this, it is the only casino in the whole country that offers Free Bet Blackjack and Sic Bo. And, while you are having fun playing at the tables, you can enjoy free drinks or watch the world’s major sporting events. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? A visit to the Sporting Emporium Casino is the perfect night out with friends.

In case you didn’t know, Ireland has a very liberal approach when it comes to online casinos as well. The hype is real out there, as there are bunch of options offering all types of bonuses for Irish players. That’s why if you’re not in the mood for the whole casino setting – especially the ambient and noise, there are still ways you can enjoy playing games online from the comfort of your hotel with a glass of irish scotch in your hand.

Temple Bar

Situated near the banks of the River Liffey in the heart of Temple Bar district in Dublin, this pub is one of the most commonly photographed and visited places in the whole country. The Temple bar, painted in bright colors, is one of the oldest pubs in  the country, as it dates back to the 19th century.

The Temple Bar owns Ireland’s largest collection of interesting and rare whiskeys, with more than 450 bottles. Apart from whiskey, you can also enjoy sipping from a great selection of local craft beer including Guinness. Make sure to try the traditional combo – a dish of oysters and a cold Guinness, while you relax listening to musicians playing the traditional Irish music. So while in Dublin, don’t miss on visiting this lively and always very crowded pub!

Buskers Bar

The Buskers Bar offers a refreshing switch from the traditional bars in the Temple Bar district. The menu of this modern and up-to-date bar includes vodka and a great range of cocktails, instead of whiskey and local craft beer. This place is popular for organizing stag and hen parties for locals and visitors from outside of Dublin. There is an extensive food menu with delicious specialties which you’ll enjoy. The great food and setting is enriched with live music every day of the week by many local and international musicians.

Chapter One Restaurant

Located in the basement of the Dublin Writers Museum, Chapter One is an intimate space which provides culinary greatness. Ranked 25th in Europe’s top 100 restaurants, it is definitely a restaurant worth visiting!  The fact that Chapter One was named 9 times as the finest restaurant in Ireland speaks volumes about the atmosphere, food and service in the place.

So whenever you’re in Dublin and looking for a place to try delicious food and enjoy in a great ambient, you should definitely check out this fine dining restaurant.

Guinness Storehouse

This one’s for all the beer lovers! Guinness Storehouse is situated in the heart of the famous St. James’s Gate Brewery ever since 1759. In the past, it was only the brewery’s fermentation plant. Today however, it is a seven-storey building offering extraordinary experience to all visitors.

You will find out about the history of making one of the world’s most famous beers, as well as what goes into each and every pint through the making process. This Storehouse has been named as Ireland’s number one International Visitor Attraction. That’s why no visit to Dublin is complete if one doesn’t take a trip to the home of Guinness.

The Marker Hotel & The Rooftop

Located in the Docklands district, the Marker Hotel is one of the very best hotels in all Ireland. The fussy lobby can look a little bit chaotic when you enter the building, but the rooms and suites are pretty much like little sanctuaries where you can take a step back and relax.

Even though the Hotel’s restaurant serves one of the most sophisticated and delicious Irish cuisines in the entire country, the rooftop is what visitors usually admire the most. It not only offers the best view of Dublin, but also has a killer drinks menu. For those who want to enjoy the breathtaking sunset over Dublin, there are also blankets you can snuggle into while admiring the beautiful sky colors.


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