TripAdvisor reveals the 10 best holiday experiences in Ireland

If you’re planning on staycationing in Ireland this summer, these are the best holiday experiences on the Emerald Isle.

From tours to hikes to sea safaris and more, Tripadvisor has revealed the ten best holiday experiences in Ireland.

With restrictions across Ireland gradually easing and more people choosing to holiday at home this year, you may be wondering where to find the best holiday experiences on the Emerald Isle.

Well, you’re in luck as TripAdvisor has unveiled the results of their 2021 Travellers’ Choice Awards. And there’s plenty to look forward to!

Travellers’ Choice Awards – based on visitor reviews

The Cliffs of Moher are one of Ireland's most iconic tourist attractions.
Credit: Tourism Ireland

For those looking for a fun-filled day out in Ireland this summer, TripAdvisor focused on finding the best hidden gems the island has to offer.

To decide the winners of this year’s Travellers’ Choice Awards, TripAdvisor analysed reviews and ratings submitted between 1 January to 30 April 2021.

So, if you’re wondering where to find the best holiday experiences in Ireland, according to TripAdvisor, read on.

Lots of outdoor activities – abiding by restrictions

The Guided Walking Tour of Kilkenny by Shenanigans is one of the best holiday experiences in Ireland.
Credit: Facebook / @ShenanigansWalks

As indoor experiences across much of Ireland are still subject to restrictions, this year’s list includes plenty of outdoor activities. So, hopefully the Irish weather doesn’t let us down!

Topping TripAdvisor’s list of the best holiday experiences in Ireland is the Guided Walking Tour of Kilkenny by tour guides Shenanigans.

This tour, which has received an impressive 79 five-star reviews, takes visitors on a historical walk around this medieval city. Setting off from Kilkenny Castle, the tour incorporates performances from magicians and entertainers to bring the tales of the city to life.

The best visitor experiences in Ireland – something for everyone

Dingle Sea Safari took the third spot.
Credit: Facebook / @dingleseasafari

There truly is something for everyone on TripAdvisor’s ranking of the best holiday experiences in Ireland. Here are the top ten:

  1. Guided Walking Tour in Kilkenny
  2. Howth Peninsula Hiking Tour
  3. Dingle Sea Safari
  4. Titanic Belfast and Giant’s Causeway Day Trip
  5. Seal Kayaking Safari at Dalkey
  6. Game of Thrones Tour
  7. Cycling Tour at Killarney National Park
  8. Irish Rock ‘N’ Roll Museum Experience
  9. Cliffs of Moher Tour
  10. Dublin Secret Food Tour

So, whether you fancy taking a dip in the sea or hiking Ireland’s iconic cliffs. Or maybe you’d rather into the world of Game of Thrones or try Ireland’s world-class cuisine. Thanks to TripAdvisor, you’re sure to find something that tickles your fancy.

Finding unique experiences – what travellers want

TripAdvisor reveals the best holiday experiences in Ireland.
Credit: Tourism Northern Ireland

Speaking on the results of the TripAdvisor 2021 Travellers’ Choice Awards, general manager, experiences at TripAdvisor Kate Urquhart revealed what she thinks makes a trip unforgettable.

She said, “When I think about what makes a trip truly unforgettable, it’s those can’t-miss and truly unique activities like a sunset sail with my family, a bike tour with the most hilarious and knowledgeable tour guide, or doing something out of my comfort zone, like ziplining through the forests of New Zealand.”

She continued, “With no other accolades of its scale, the Travellers’ Choice Things to Do Awards are in a unique class of their own, highlighting all the activities travellers have determined are essential when visiting a destination.”

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