Travel from Europe to USA drawing closer as ‘intensive’ work ongoing behind the scenes

The European Union and the United States are “working intensively” to get non-essential travel back on track.

International travel has been largely on hold for the past year, and foreign holidays may seem like a distant memory. However, travel from Europe to USA is drawing closer as ‘intensive’ work is ongoing behind the scenes.

The Portuguese Minister of Internal Affairs revealed that the EU and the USA are “working intensively” to return international travel to normal as soon as possible.

The return of international travel – the question on everyone’s lips

Everyone is waiting for the return of international travel.
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The question of when we will be able to travel abroad again has been one on everyone’s minds recently. However, the likelihood of foreign holidays is looking positive as it has been revealed intensive work is ongoing behind the scenes.

According to Portugal News, Portuguese Minister of Internal Affairs Eduardo Cabrita revealed,

“We are going to work intensively, now based on the new European instrument, the digital vaccination certificate, to restore normality in the movement of people between the two sides of the Atlantic, opening these trips to non-essential travel.”

So, it’s great news for those looking to cross the Atlantic for a holiday or to visit friends and family. Travel from Europe to the USA seems to be drawing closer as we move into summer 2021.

A path of progress – a return to normal could be sooner than expected

A path of progress has been laid out for travel from Europe to USA.

During a meeting at the Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB) in Lisbon earlier this week, it was revealed that travel from Europe to the USA is drawing closer, thanks to ‘intensive’ work ongoing behind the scenes.

Cabrita explained that two blocs, European and North American, were working on a “path of progress”. This path involves work on the vaccination programme, allowing for “a time of hope” to begin.

The lifting of restrictions – the end of a 15-month travel ban

The end of a 15-month ban on US travellers.
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On 18 June, the 15-month ban on travel from the USA to Europe was lifted.

The United States was added to the European Union’s approved list of countries for entry. Thus, giving EU countries the green light to lift restrictions on US travellers.

Ireland is one of the most recent countries to lift restrictions on US travellers. The Emerald Isle is set to ease restrictions on UK and US travellers starting from 19 July.

However, this does not mean that all EU countries will lift their individual restrictions on incoming US travellers right away.

The move, however, has raised the question of the lifting of restrictions on European travellers entering the USA.

The possibility of travel to the USA – dedication to the fight against COVID-19

What is the likelihood of travel from Europe to USA?
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The US Secretary of State for Internal Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, was also at the meeting. He spoke of the possibility of lifting restrictions on movement between the EU and the USA.

Considering the “dedication” of the two blocs in their fight against the pandemic, he hinted that travel from Europe to the USA could be drawing closer.

He continued, “We also talked about trying to lift restrictions so that we can travel between our countries. Not only to take into account the economic imperative but also so that families can get together again, some of which have not seen each other for a year.”

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