How DNA kits can tell you how Irish you are

In recent years there has been a significant shift in the interest of tracing ancestry. Indeed, there are many websites and business which offer these services, making the process all the more approachable.

Although Irish ancestry is shared by some 80 million people across the globe, but have you ever wondered what other lineage lines run through your veins?

Today ancestry testing is cheaper than ever, can be done at home and is 99.9% accurate. So, what are you waiting for? Here is how DNA kits work and how they can tell you how Irish you are to a percentage.

Choosing Your Service

DNA kits
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DNA testing is more popular than ever. With fast and accurate services thriving by the dozen, you may start your journey by wondering which service is best to choose.

Indeed you can opt for a clinic setting to delve deep into your roots. However, at-home kits are becoming the most popular choice.

The internet is thriving with different organisations offering similar services, but we suggest you check out Not only has it completed over four million tests, but it often offers online discounts. even offers a free trial where you can start to explore your family records and build your family tree!

How DNA Kits Work

DNA kits

The test itself is as simple and straightforward as they come. After you have ordered online, your DNA kit should arrive swiftly. The set will contain a simple set of instructions.

It’s important to note that your DNA sample is taken from your saliva, not blood as some people may think!

Once your test kit arrives, you must activate it online. Then, following the instructions, you simply spit (a lot) of saliva into a test tube, seal it and send it back in a pre-paid envelope.

Note: you cannot drink, eat, smoke or chew gum for 30 minutes prior to taking the test.

Your sample will be sent back to a lab in the United States, so do be aware that it is not the most speedy process. From the time you return your sample to the delivery of your results, it can take up to eight weeks.

Once your results are ready, you will be notified by email. Then you can log-in online to see the breadth of your heritage. Results are determined on a range of factors.

How Much Do DNA Kits Cost?

DNA kits vary in prices depending on which service you use and whether it is on special offer at the time of purchase.

Generally, however, they cost about €95 euro. And while that’s not exactly cheap, it’s pretty affordable given the fact that you will receive a full analysis of your bloodline, ancestry and family history!

Privacy Laws

DNA kits

One final question which we should explore is: how safe are DNA kits? This is certainly a talking point and one you should consider if you’re hesitant to disclose your personal information.

There are many conflicting reports and concerns with regards to this topic. Although sites such as insist that they do not own your DNA samples, they do technically license it.

If this concept is off-putting to you, just know that legally you are entitled to retract your samples from them at any time. also insists that the data and DNA they procure is not used in any other respect; this includes being sold or shared with any third-parties.

In Conclusion

Overall the choice is yours for the taking. DNA kits are a great way to test your Irish heritage. Without a doubt, ancestral tests are bound to provide endless insight into your past and family tree.

With all that being said, if you are concerned about having your privacy impeached, steer clear of the process altogether.

Trace your family today

We recommend using to find your family. You can also find their DNA kit to tell you much more than just the places you’re from. For more info, visit

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