10 BEST TIN WHISTLE songs everyone should learn in 2024

The tin whistle is one of Ireland’s most beautiful instruments when played correctly. We have listed ten songs that everyone should learn to play on this wonderful instrument.

Top 10 tin whistle songs everyone should learn.

The tin whistle is a simple yet elegant, six-holed woodwind instrument. Also called the penny whistle, it is a type of fipple flute in the same class as the Native American flute, the recorder, and other similar woodwind instruments.

The tin whistle is often closely associated with Celtic and Irish traditional music, and a tin whistle player is called a whistler. As an instrument, it is quite versatile and adaptable to different music genres.

As such, you may find yourself both pleasantly surprised and entertained to hear renditions of popular songs performed on the tin whistle; you might even prefer these versions!

This article will list what we believe to be the top ten tin whistle songs everyone should learn to play.

10. Amazing Grace – a commonly played tin whistle song for beginners

‘Amazing Grace’ is straightforward to learn for beginners of all instruments, and the tin whistle is no different.

It appears on many lists for beginners and its beauty is irrefutable, making it a perfect song to learn on the tin whistle.

9. 9 Crimes – an underrated gem of a song

‘9 Crimes’ by Damien Rice is an underrated gem of a song and as it turns out, it also makes for a great song to practice for aspiring tin whistle musicians out there.

‘9 Crimes’ makes for an easy and unforgettable song to learn and perform on the tin whistle.

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8. The Kerry Polka – a catchy Celtic tune

The tin whistle is known throughout the world for being an instrument associated with Irish folk music. Therefore, ‘The Kerry Polka’ tune is a fitting song to learn for a beginner who wants to play a song that is famous for fans of Irish folk music.

7. All of Me – a soulful love song

Besides being a beautiful and soulful love song that many people love to have played on their wedding day, ‘All of Me’ by John Legend also sounds beautiful when played on the tin whistle.

6. Hallelujah – a hauntingly beautiful song

’Hallelujah’ by Leonard Cohen is a hauntingly beautiful song that music lovers worldwide cherish.

While there are thousands of cover versions of this classic song online, the tin whistle version easily stands amongst some of the best-sounding renditions.

You may have learned the tin whistle when at school, and you most definitely would have known these 10 Irish songs you learned at school.

5. The Sound of Silence – one of the most iconic songs in the history of rock music

‘The Sound of Silence’ by Simon & Garfunkel is easily one of the most iconic songs in the history of rock music. It’s also a song that can be quickly learned on the tin whistle as, at its core, it’s a fairly basic tune with a straightforward progression.

4. Rocky Road to Dublin – a classic Irish folk song

‘Rocky Road to Dublin’ is a classic Irish folk song with a catchy melody that will get stuck in your head from first listen. It also sounds great on the tin whistle, and luckily it’s not the most complex song to learn either.

3. Lord of the Rings theme song – a legendary song from a legendary film series

Everyone is familiar with the legendary Lord of the Rings film series, and, what’s more, its iconic theme song is perfect for those starting out on the tin whistle.

If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan and learning the tin whistle, then learning to play the theme song is an absolute must.

2. Game of Thrones theme song – an instantly recognisable song

Similar to our previous entry, the theme song for Game of Thrones is another instantly recognisable song from another epic fantasy series. Luckily for fans, it sounds just as impressive when performed on the tin whistle.

1. My Heart Will Go On – an all-time classic

In first place on our list of the top ten tin whistle songs everyone should learn to play is an all-time classic and one of the most famous in the world due to its inclusion in the hit movie Titanic.

‘My Heart Will Go On’ is something of a rarity as pop tunes go as it has a wind instrument similar to a tin whistle playing its main theme. It should come as no surprise, then, that it also makes for the perfect song to play on the tin whistle.

That concludes our article on the top ten tin whistle songs everyone should learn to play. Do you play the tin whistle, and if so, have you played any of these before?

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