REVEALED: TOP 10 Irish towns with most pubs per person

They must love a pint in the western parts of Ireland!

Recent research has revealed the top ten Irish towns with the most pubs per person living there. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the west coast of Ireland is where the vast majority are located.

The Sunday World reported that the data was compiled by Thomas Bibby, the CEO of Reg Point of Sale.

Bibby received a list of registered pubs in each Irish town from the Company Registration Office and interestingly compared them with specific population figures from the most recent Irish census.

Below is the list of the top 10 Irish towns with the most pubs per person.

10. Sneem, Co. Kerry – 36.9 people per pub


With a population of 258 people, number ten on the list of Irish towns with most pubs per person is Sneem in County Kerry.

Home to seven pubs, Sneem boasts a respectable 36.9 people per pub.

9. Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare – 36.9 people per pub

Credit: Tourism Ireland

In tied position with Sneem is the town of Ballyvaughan in County Clare, which also has an impressive 36.9 people per pub.

Just 258 people call the town of Ballyvaughan home, and the locals have plenty of choice between the town’s seven pubs.

8. Knocktopher, Co. Kilkenny – 36 people per pub

Credit: Instagram / @rilloyd

The town of Knocktopher in County Kilkenny takes the eighth position being home to 36 people per pub.

With a population of just 144 residents, Knocktopher boasts a respectable four pubs.

7. Cong, Co. Mayo – 35.6 people per pub

Credit: Tourism Ireland

The town of Cong in County Mayo is not only one of Ireland’s hidden gems, but it is also one of the Irish towns with the most pubs per person.

With a small population of just 178 residents, Cong is home to five pubs.

6. Castlegregory, Co. Kerry – 34.7 people per pub

Credit: / Nigel Cox

Home to seven pubs and a population of just 243 people, Castlegregory is one of the Irish towns you need to visit if you’re craving a pint.

This small County Kerry town averages 34.7 people per pub.

5. Doonbeg, Co. Clare – 34 people per pub

Credit: / Suzanne Mischyshyn

The town of Doonbeg in County Clare is not only home to a luxurious hotel and golf resort, it also boasts an impressive statistic of 34 people per pub.

With a population of 272 people, Doonbeg is home to eight pubs.

4. Waterville, Co. Kerry – 33.1 people per pub

Credit: Flickr / Malingering

The third and final County Kerry town to make the list – side note, you won’t be stuck for places to find a pint in Ireland’s Kingdom County – is the beautiful town of Waterville.

Boasting 33.1 people per pub, Waterville has a population of 232 people and is home to seven pubs.

3. Lifford, Co. Donegal – 30.1 people per pub

Credit: / Rossgier Inn

Despite having a much larger population than any of the other towns on this list, the town of Lifford in County Donegal has managed to make it to number three on the list of Irish towns with most pubs per person.

Home to a population of 1658 people and an astounding 55 pubs, Lifford boasts an incredible ratio of 30.1 people per pub.

2. Liscannor, Co. Clare – 18.4 people per pub

Credit: Facebook / @EgansBarLiscannor

Liscannor in County Clare just misses out on the top spot coming in at 18.4 people per pub.

The town has a population of just 129 people but is home to seven pubs.

1. Feakle, Co. Clare – 16.1 people per pub

Credit: / P L Chadwick

Taking the top spot is the town of Feakle in County Clare, which is home to an incredible 16.1 people per pub. Now you know where to go for a quiet pint!

With a tiny population of just 113, Feakle has a total of seven pubs, making it the town in Ireland with the most number of pubs per person.

With an impressive four towns making Thomas Bibby’s list, County Clare is the county to visit if you’re in the mood for a pint in an uncrowded pub.

Interestingly, Feakle in County Clare tops the list with one pub or hotel for every 16.1 residents. On the other hand, Greystones in County Wicklow has the highest ratio of people per pub, at 2,750 people per pub.

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