Top Ten Alternative Irish Stag/Hen Activities You Need To Consider

Ireland has lots to offer for those looking to organise an unforgettable stag or hen party. Dublin, Galway and Cork are three destinations that often feature in this interactive list of Europe’s most popular stag and hen destinations, courtesy of the Last Night of Freedom website – although there are several other places to consider when planning such a memorable occasion on the Emerald Isle.

Once you have decided where to host a stag or hen party, looking at alternative, less ‘popular’ activities could well provide all that is needed to ensure that this is a night that the stag or hen never forgets!

1. Comedy Club – for a laugh

Ireland isn’t known as the land of craic for nothing. Show your stag and hens the time of their lives by booking a table at one of Ireland’s top comedy clubs – with so many great Irish comedians on the scene, you’re sure to have a ball.

Legendary jokesters and ballsy newcomers alike will take you through a hysterical journey into the early hours. Tip: Sit your stag/hen in the front row so they’re in the comedian’s line of fire. Then sit back and enjoy while your victim endures the piss-taking of a lifetime.

2. Pamper Day – for some R&R

Sometimes all you want to do is relax on a stag/hen do, and where better to do that than by the pool with a glass of prosecco! Book a pamper day and chillax in some flush robes while you and your squad are treated to matching manicures/pedicures.

For the lads of a fine pedigree, the emerald isle has a wide range of gentlemen grooming rooms where you and your crew can indulge in hot towel shaves, massages or even a designer beard trim while puffin’ a Cuban cigar.

3. Treasure Hunt – for an alternative activity

A personalised treasure hunt is a perfect activity to get your squad/crew out and about and having the craic. Get to know each other and let your competitive side take the reigns as you sniff out mortifying clues about your groom/bride to be.

This option is totally D.I.Y. friendly and it’s a great activity for stag/hens on a budget. So there will be no need to visit the Credit Union and beg for a loan! Alternatively, there is a plentiful amount of Irish companies that will do all the hard work for you and cater your treasure hunt to the destination of your choice.

4. Adventure Rooms – to test your teamwork

Is your stag/hen mad about True Detective? Are they infamous for their Facebook sleuthing and never shut up about Sherlock? If the answer’s yes then taking a turn in an Adventure Room may be the right activity for your group.

Without giving too much away, the object of the game is to: Work together as a team to solve puzzles and escape from a mysterious room/rooms within 60 minutes. Only one-third of participants manage to escape within the given time. Think Saw, but not horrible.

5. Book a psychic – to tell your future

Forget Ibiza; why not take your stag and hens on a trip to the other side? Psychics provide a spooky, if not an enlightening activity for stags/hens up for some bizarre shenanigans.

Professional psychics will even travel to your home and ‘read’ each person individually. It’s a unique activity that suits a mixed age group and it’s the perfect option for a group of girls/guys that are up for an evening of the unknown.

So, light some candles, shine your crystal ball, and prepare to unfog the future!


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