Top Irish economist says country’s windy weather could power the future

Ireland may be able to circumvent the destructive nature of climate change by harbouring its western wind-power, according to a top Irish economist.

A top Irish economist has powerfully put forward his belief that the country’s windy weather could power the future.

He says the west coast of Ireland could soon develop the world’s foremost innovative energy hub and initiate a boom in Irish prosperity.

David McWilliams, who is well respected across Ireland and internationally, put forward his hypothesis in The Irish Times and on his blog this week in the wake of the UN’s devastating report on the scorching effect of global warming.

From fossil fuels to renewable energy – how Ireland’s windy weather could power the future

A move from fossil fuels to renewable energy.
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Saudi Arabia immersed itself in riches following the discovery of oil in the country in 1938. Similarly, McWilliams predicts this growth could infect Ireland if it maximises its renewable energy resources.

McWilliams stated that we are “sitting on a gold mine of renewable energy”. He said that we are now “blessed by what we cursed for years, our weather”. It is time the infamous Irish weather might come good!

“The only difference” with the Gulf States, McWilliams declares, is “our energy sources will not deplete. Our island’s wind, wave, and tidal potential in generating renewable energy is unparalleled”.

The UN report – a shocking wake-up call for humanity

Ireland's windy weather could power the future and slow the effects of climate change.
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Many news outlets declared that the recent United Nations report on the impending effects of climate change sounded a ‘code red for humanity’. They weren’t wrong, echoing the words of UN Secretary-General António Guterres.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published the alarming report last week. The report was unequivocal in declaring that human beings were to blame for the damage and that the problem is almost out of our hands.

The report drew inspiration from over 14,000 scientific studies to form its conclusions. It predicts average global temperatures will cross the 1.5 C (34.7 F) warming threshold. Extreme weather, massive waves, and flooding will only get worse.

Thus, we must now look to renewable sources such as Ireland’s windy weather, which could power the future.

What Ireland can do next – unleashing our potential

What can Ireland do next?
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In the aftermath of this report, McWilliams opines that the seaboard from Donegal to Dingle could become the world’s “most innovative on and offshore energy hub”. It could even create an entirely new industrial base.

He believes the Emerald Isle should be diverting its wholesale attention from industrial energy to wind. To do so, we must build infrastructure and technology and training a workforce to master this new field.

The evidence to back this up – drawing on influential reports

A top Irish economist declares that the country's windy weather could power the future.

Backing up his theory, McWilliams cited a Wind Energy Ireland (WEI) report. The report declared Ireland could develop into a “European renewable energy superpower” owing to the potential of floating turbines.

By 2030, Ireland could power 4.5 million homes with electricity for an entire year if we can generate 5,000MV of offshore wind. Furthermore, the Irish Marine Institute believes Ireland has one of the world’s primary climates for wave and tidal energy.

We may complain about the infamous Irish climate ruining our day trip plans. However, we are overjoyed to discover that Ireland’s windy weather could power the future.

You can read more about the report on David McWilliams’ website here.

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