Top 4 exciting companies to work for in Dublin in 2021

Making a decision when it comes to your career is always a daunting task. So, to help you out, here are the top four exciting companies to work for in Dublin in 2021.

You may have decided at a young age that being a doctor or fireman is your calling. But as you mature, these choices shift due to changing interests and abilities.

Did you study something just because it was expected of you? Did you fall into a job as something part-time and years later you find yourself in the same position?

The good thing is, even if you are still undecided, or if you’re in a career that no longer fulfils you, it is never too late to make a different move and find a job that interests you.

Luckily, Dublin – as one of the most culturally diverse and innovative cities in the world – has a range of exciting job opportunities. Not all jobs involve working from home; some are in exciting fields that demand tons of energy and creativity.

Check which companies you might want to start with from this list of the top four exciting companies to work for in Dublin in 2021.

4. Accenture – an American-Irish multinational

Accenture is one of the top 4 exciting companies to work for in Dublin in 2021.
Credit: Facebook / @accentureireland

Accenture is an American-Irish multinational that offers consulting services across the globe.

It is one of the best-known employers and often ranks as one of the top places to work in employee wellness surveys.

Listed as a Fortune Global 500 company, it rakes in over $43billion and has close to 500,000 employees across more than 120 countries.

Working for a global company has many perks as you are part of a worldwide team with the opportunity to move around through the organisation.

Accenture has a large presence in Dublin with many exciting job opportunities. One such opportunity is as a Copyright Team lead. The successful candidate is required to lead a multi-lingual team in resource management and scheduling, performance management, coaching, and cross-selling the entire Accenture range of products.

Another super interesting opportunity is as Research Lead in Accenture’s Human Insights Lab. This is an incubation hub situated right in the heart of Dublin’s tech quarter. The focus is on merging technology with human behaviour to create new solutions for the advancement of humankind.

3. Flutter – something more tech-focused

Flutter is great for people who want something more tech-focused.
Credit: / Kenneth Allen

If you are looking for something a little bit more tech-focused, Dublin has always been at the cusp of innovation and no industry thrives more on innovation than online gaming and sports betting.

With over 13,000 employees across the globe, Flutter offers some of the most exciting job opportunities.

Flutter prides itself on its integrity, agility, and competitiveness – with a sharp focus on making sure that its customers always enjoy only the best standards in entertainment and safety.

Flutter’s brands are extremely popular amongst Irish gamblers and tend to get the best ratings when looking at guides such as NoDepositKings.

These brands under the Flutter umbrella include SportsBet, FanDuel, The Stars Group, Paddy Power, Betfair, and Sky Betting & Gaming.

The online gaming and sports betting industry offers careers in many areas. Flutter, in particular, is always looking for talented individuals to add to their team.

The careers are highly varied, yet specialised. For example, potential jobs at SportsBet include Digital, Financial and Accounting, IT Infrastructure, Reporting and Analytics, Software Development, System Design and Architecture, and Testing.

Careers at Paddy Power include Commercial, Corporate, Customer Operations, Marketing, Product and Data, Risk and Trading, and Technology.

Even though many of the jobs on offer on are Dublin-based, there are also career opportunities abroad, across the U.K., and even Australia.

2. Amazon – a world-leading company

Amazon is one of the most exciting companies to work for in Dublin in 2021.

Founded by Jeff Bezos in 1995, what started as an online retailer for books has grown into one of the largest e-retailers on the planet selling everything imaginable.

Like most global companies, Amazon has a strong presence in Dublin with many exciting career opportunities.

Due to the scale of its operations, the company needs a full end-to-end workforce, which opens up many roles for those looking for a new job.

From human resources and administrative back-office staff to sales and marketing, Amazon’s workforce is as diverse as the products it ships.

For those in the accounting industry, how about a role as Finance Manager? This would require working with other business partners to determine the ten-year expansion plan for Amazon in new regions.

So, if you have a head for numbers and business strategy, this could be the move you are looking for.

1. Pfizer – be at the forefront of exciting new developments

Pfizer is one of the most exciting companies to work for in Dublin in 2021.

Many employees rate that job satisfaction goes beyond their direct role and state that the company they work for plays an equally important role.

In the fight against Covid19, Pfizer is at the forefront of vaccine development, having completed clinical trials in a very viable vaccine against the pandemic.

Working for a company that is at the cusp of doing good for humankind while building a solid career is very inviting making Pfizer one of the most exciting companies to work for in Dublin in 2021.

Pfizer started operations in Grange Castle, Dublin back in 2005. As much as Pfizer is a pharmaceutical company led by some of the brightest minds on earth, the company has invested a lot in career development and building a stable culture.

There are many exciting jobs available at Pfizer in Dublin, specifically as Technicians, Scientists, Analysts, and even Engineers.

For example, Pfizer is currently looking for a Process Equipment Engineer responsible for the smooth running of the state-of-the-art manufacturing plant. There’s also a vacancy for a QA lead who would need to ensure compliance and audit readiness in line with in-country regulations.

Thinking of a career change could be daunting, but there has never been a better time to make a fresh start – and there are fewer more exciting cities than Dublin to experience the after-work culture, lifestyle, and nightlife.

Whatever you decide to do, go in with an open mind and do your research. It is a big life decision, but it could be so rewarding – both financially and mentally!

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