The Five Best Burger Joints In Swords, North Dublin

In recent years Swords, North County Dublin has become a hub for clubbing, shopping, marvellous beer gardens and food. Lots and lots of food. Not only on the main street but in the surrounding area also. With over thirty restaurants to choose from in a fairly small vicinity, it can be an ordeal to pick just one. Well, we have compiled a list of our top five places in Swords to grab a burger. A tough job but someone has to do it. My waistline is certainly not thanking me however I did relish the experience! Is this what they mean by suffering for your art?

5. Empire

Previously known as The Slaughtered Lamb. Empire is a spacious award-winning New York style bar with a fitting menu. With a recent overhaul of the menu, they have really upped their game. Beef, chicken and even a vegan burger is available. The price is reasonable, and you won’t be disappointed. With a chilled-out ambience (before the nightclub kicks off) a timely service and a deal of a burger and a pint for €10 why wouldn’t you try it out. They are also known for some great reasonably priced cocktails. You’ve been warned!

Address16 Main St, Townparks, Swords, Co. Dublin, Ireland

4. Eddie Rockets

Instagram: jimbqrn

Surprised to see this on the list? Well, you shouldn’t be. Eddie Rockets create some deliciously monstrous burgers. From spicy to a little bit more health aware there is a burger for everyone on this menu. Check out the new Bacon Avocado …they say you can’t buy happiness but bacon and avocado on a burger is pretty close! If you’re brave enough you can pimp up your burger by adding extra beef patties or chicken fillets, eggs and other toppings. Prices are pretty good with a standard menu burger costing no more than €9.95.

AddressMain St, Swords, Dublin, Ireland

3. Gourmet Burger Kitchen – GBK

Instagram: rooftoprod

The home of the burger and GBK want everyone to enjoy them. I specifically chose this place for its veggie burgers. They don’t have one but three to pick from. The Falafel, Classic Veggie and the Californian. Prices don’t exceed €10 and you can swap out your bun, for those health-conscious burger lovers and choose the homemade coleslaw and green salad instead. You most definitely won’t leave hungry as the portions of sides are humongous.

AddressPavillion Shopping Centre, Swords, Co. Dublin, Ireland

2. Wrights Café

Another award-winning café bar on this busy main street. I’ve yet to try anything on this menu that isn’t delish and fresh. From salads to omelettes it’s all so good and you can tell they take pride in not only the quality of the food but the presentation as well. With the burgers having their own list on the menu you have five to pick from. If your open to trying something a little different the Swiss is something for the burger lovers. They had me at onion bun! The Dijon mayo is mouth-watering. The most expensive burgers being €14 which isn’t too bad when you see the portions!

AddressThe Plaza, Malahide Rd, Swords Demesne, Swords, Co. Dublin, Ireland

1. Hogs and Heifers

If you haven’t already tried this place, come out from under that rock. This is the ultimate hangover food and the burgers are something sent down to us from the gracious Burger Gods. An American style country/rock dive bar complete with a ceiling of colourful bras. The top two burgers here would have to be the Hogs and Heifers (it would want to be, being the namesake item on the menu) and The Hog. It depends how hungry (or hungover) you are.

The Hogs and Heifers is a beast of a meal marrying beef and pulled pork together with all the extras. The hog is a little bit more modest with pulled pork nacho crumb and in my humble opinion is the type of food you keep eating until you feel you’re going to explode. You just can’t leave any tasty morsel behind. I recommend the mac and cheese as a side! Yum! They are a little on the pricey side €18 for the Hog and Heifer but definitely worth a try and if you catch the monthly meals deals for €10 you’ll wonder what you’ve been doing with your life. It will be the best bad decision you’ve made in a while.

AddressSouth Quarter, Airside, Swords, Dublin, Ireland

Written by Lydia Devlin.

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