Irish name expected to be one of the top baby names of 2023

Irish name expected to be one of the top baby names of 2023.

Bay name experts have announced a number of expected trends for babies born in 2023. There are a number of pop culture characters they believe will be in abundance this year, as well as names that give off an air of luxury and brightness.

However, there is also one Irish name that has made the top five girl names expected to be popular among newborns in 2023. That name is Maeve.

The logic – how the top baby names are calculated

How the top baby names are calculated.
Credit: pexels / Daniel Reche

Nameberry published a list of the top 20 girl names and boy names that have attracted the most attention on their website from online visitors.

Trends include character names from 80s-related shows, like Stranger Things, as well as “gilded” names because “parents are actively seeking names that feel bright, luxurious and optimistic”.

Where the older generations would have gone for simple, minimalist names, today’s parents are choosing names that are more out there than ever, making their children as unique and as individualistic as possible.

You can check out the full list of trends for baby names in 2023 on Nameberry’s site here.

Maeve – meaning, origin, and popularity, explained

Maeve is the Irish name expected to gain popularity this year.

Maeve, which is the anglicised version of the Irish name Meabh, is generally a female name meaning “she who intoxicates”.

It’s a name of Gaelic origin that has stood the test of time, popular both historically and in modern-day Ireland and elsewhere around the world.

According to Nameberry, Maeve is set to be one of the most popular baby names of 2023, ranking 5th on their list of 20 girl names.

The top one to four for girl names in 2023 are Aire in first place, followed by Luxury, Esti, and Aurelia.

Top baby names of 2023 – an eclectic mix of trends

Irish name expected to be one of the top baby names of 2023.
Credit: pexels / Daniel Reche

Other names in the top ten for girl names expected to soar in popularity in 2023 are Isla, Eloise, Alice, Luna, and Ophelia.

For boys, the top ten names are Aire, Soren, Theodore, Royal, Atticus, Felix, Silas, Arlo, Oliver, and Cassius.

Nameberry’s trends for 2023 show an evident shift in the mood and style of modern-day parents. Names are certainly leaning towards the trendy over traditional.

So, having had a look at the most popular baby name trends for 2023, do any of your choices make an appearance?

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