Top 5 worst Christmas gifts you can give an Irish person

Need a gift for that special Irish someone this Christmas? Here are five things not to give them.

Top 5 worst Christmas gifts you can give an Irish person

Christmas time is huge in Ireland, with giving and receiving Christmas presents high on the agenda. Irish people are generally generous and often put a lot of thought into the perfect gift for that special someone.

Expecting equally impressive Christmas gifts in return is also common, so if you are trying to decide what to buy your Irish friend, then take a moment to browse the top six gifts not to give them.

These are, in our opinion, the five worst Christmas gifts you can give an Irish person.

5. Tea towels – especially to an Irish woman

Tea towels are one of the worst Christmas gifts you can give an Irish person

Home life plays a vital role in Irish culture, with lots of family gatherings happening in the hub of the home, the kitchen! Tea towels are commonly used and will often display a number of styles from seasonal pictures to Irish proverbs.

But despite our fondness for a good-quality tea towel in the kitchen, it is never acceptable to give an Irish person one for Christmas…especially one with winter scenes and robins.

4. A Jedward CD – or any Jedward merchandise

The worst Christmas gifts you can give an Irish person include a Jedward album
Credit: @planetjedward / Twitter

John and Edward Grimes are identical twins from Dublin more commonly known as the singing and TV-presenting duo Jedward. They crashed into our lives in 2009 after appearing on talent show The X Factor and are now managed by X Factor mentor and fellow Irish man Louis Walsh.

Their three albums, Planet Jedward, Victory, and Young Love, have all been successful in Ireland, but unless you’re buying Christmas gifts for a 5-year-old, our advice is not to buy a Jedward CD for an Irish person.

3. A recycled gift – they will know!

The worst Christmas gifts you can give an Irish person include recycled gifts

We all have that one cupboard to stash any unwanted gifts received throughout the year, with Christmas presents making up most of the stash. You might be tempted to choose one of these items for your Irish friend, but our advice is to think again.

Call it intuition or Irish wizardry, but the people of the Emerald Isle have a sharp eye and can spot a recycled present before they’ve even unwrapped it. It might be your uneasy shifting as they peel back the paper or the fact their eagle eye has already spotted it in your ‘not so secret’ drawer.

Either way, they will know, and although they will probably pretend to love it, the truth will hang in the air like a bad smell for the rest of the season and might even be brought up in days, months, or even years to come. Trust us! You can’t kid an Irish person.

2. Cheap whiskey – or any cheap booze for that matter

The worst Christmas presents you can give an Irish person include cheap booze

Irish people have a reputation for being fond of a drink or two. This might be the case, but they also have a keen interest in what they drink and usually know a thing or two about whiskey.

If you are thinking of buying a bottle of whiskey for a friend from Ireland, then please do your research. Chances are they have their favourite brand, and if not, they will certainly know the good stuff from the cheap stuff.

1. A home-knitted jumper, socks, or a scarf – anything homemade

Top worst Christmas presents you can give an Irish person include anything homemade

Most Irish families will have at least one knitter. Whether it is a granny, aunt, or parent, receiving home-knitted items will be a long-endured tradition. Many Irish people will have memories of having to wear a knitted jumper at Christmastime and spending the day resisting the urge to itch.

With this in mind, it is best not to give anything home-knitted to an Irish friend. Or anything homemade, for that matter, because chances are they were brought up on homemade produce and would much rather have something shiny and new.

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