Top 5 Stunning Scenic Places In & Around County Cavan

Known as the Lake County, with 365 lakes, one for every day of the year, the county of Cavan is full of adventure, charm and scenic sites just waiting to be explored.

With park trails and ancient castles to name but a few, this beautiful county in the north-west of Ireland and part of the Ulster Provence has more than just lakes to offer.

There are many beautiful and spectacular scenic sites to experience in and around Cavan, and we have the top five listed below.

1. Cuilcagh Boardwalk, Cuilcagh Legnabrocky Trail

Located on the border between Cavan and Fermanagh, the Cuilcagh Legnagbrocky Trail known as the ‘stairway to heaven’ has spectacular walking trails, through the Cuilcagh Mountains, which are the source of the 300km River Shannon and is also the 170th highest peak on the island of Ireland, and Ireland’s only cross-border county top.

The views here are absolutely breathtaking and can only be described after seeing the sites in person.

The route itself is quite isolated and showcases the scenic wilderness of Cuilcagh Mountain before traversing a wooden boardwalk that consists of a steady climb to the mountain face.

Here a stepped boardwalk climbs through steep terrain and boulders fields before reaching the summit plateau. The impressive mountain edges of Cuilcagh give this walk a very atmospheric feeling providing breathing views, the most impressive view is of Lough Atona, nestled at the foot of the mountain, carved out by the glacier during the last Ice Age approximately 13,000 years ago.

AddressUnnamed Road, Enniskillen BT92 1ER

2. Dún na Rí Forest Park

The 565-acre Dún na Rí Forest Park situated just outside the town of Kingscourt along the banks of the River Cabra, Dún na Rí features a Romantic Glen, stretching the full length of the park is an area steeped in history and legend.

The legends surrounding the park stretch back to the time of Cuchullain, the Gaelic warrior, who rested in these woods while fighting the armies of Queen Maeve of Connacht.

The Park boasts incredible wildlife including otters, mink, trout, foxes, badger, stoat, squirrels, hedgehogs and rabbits – to name but a few!

The Irish hare a park resident also, just don’t be frightened if one happens to jump out on your strolls around this fun-filled and history ridden landscape.

There are four walks of approximately 1.5-2km in length all with points of interest and plentiful, varied wildlife and scenic sites to behold. Just watch out for the wildlife!

AddressR179, Mullantra, Kingscourt, Co. Cavan, Ireland

3. Cloughoughter Castle

Extraordinarily beautiful in its isolation, Clough Oughter is a ruined circular castle, situated on a small Island in Lough Oughter, near the town of Killeshandra in County Cavan.

The castle itself stands like a silent watchman on an island in the centre of a vast and charming waterway. This Norman castle witnessed fire and bloodshed but has quietly stood the test of time.

It wouldn’t be the county of Cavan without a lake and Lough Oughter is a popular angling lake, it is also popular with canoeists and boating enthusiasts too.

So, grab your fishing rod and take in the beauty of this scenic site whilst attempting to catch dinner!

Address: Cloughoughter Castle, Inishconnell, Co. Cavan, Ireland

4. Cavan Burren Park

Located outside the town of Blacklion in West Cavan, this unique and prehistoric landmark with ancient megalithic tombs, stone walls, ancient rock art, and breathtaking views of Cuilcagh Mountain and the surrounding landscapes of Lough MacNean throughout, Cavan Burren Park is a must-visit.

There are five different trails to choose from at this Geopark, all with unique paths and courses carrying pieces of the history and scenery Cavan Burren Park has to offer.

With the rocks in this area formed over 330 million years ago, many of the Stories of Giants and moving glaciers come to life with every step you take in this breathtaking primaeval park, as you stroll around the monuments that date back hundreds of years and are sure to make a long-lasting impression on you.

AddressBurren, Blacklion, Co. Cavan, Ireland

5. The Deerpark Forest

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Deerpark Forest Park located outside the town of Virginia in County Cavan follows beautiful tree-lined paths winding past Virginia Golf lub, and skirting along the banks of Lough Ramor.

The park river flows through the property and provides a lovely backdrop for all the trails and there are many heritage features in the forest which include, Toberpatrick well, Lady’s cottage and the Castle boathouse.

An escape for the day and a chance to take in the true beauty and scenic features County Cavan has to offer.

Written by Gráinne Gallogly.