The Five Best Student Nights in Limerick City

Situated in the mid-west of Ireland, Limerick city is the location of not one, but many institutes of education: The University of Limerick, Limerick Institute of Technology and Limerick School of Art and Design.

Students from all over the world flock to this city to live and study, but also to explore the nightlife.

In the last few years, Limerick has experienced a surge in exciting new student nights all over the city.

Think genres such as disco, funk, drum and bass, house, techno and more and you’ll have some idea of the vibrant music culture growing in the city.

In 2018, Limerick is home to warehouses, pubs and nightclubs pulsating with music of every genre. Here’s our countdown of the best student nights in Limerick.

5. Costello’s Tavern

Instagram: nos_em_limerick

Known for its lengthy games of beer pong and its legendary sticky floor, Costello’s Tavern is a place you’ll find students and even people old enough to be your mother bopping away to the music.

While you’re there, be sure and try the famous Costello’s toastie, a lifesaver when you get the munchies after dancing the night away.

Try your hand at a game of beer pong, some games last minutes, others last hours. Costellos has a really homely vibe, yet if you’re looking for a lively night you’ll have come to the right place.

It’s also great if you’re looking the shift! Whether you’d be most comfortable roaring the lyrics to Biffy Clyro’s Mountains or throwing your best shapes to ‘Funky Town’, Costello’s welcomes you with open arms.

Open Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays til late, be sure and say hi to Flan the owner on your way in! Only €5 in.

4. International Night (UL)

This is a night where Erasmus and International students come together in the University of Limerick’s Stables Club and celebrate all things international.

The fun part is, Irish students are more than happy to join in.

Held every Friday and only €5 in, there is a different theme each week, ranging from Pyjama Party to Fancy dress.

Whether you’re from Co Kildare or France you’ll enjoy dancing to the likes of Galway Girl, Abba and more. Even better, it’s a night out just minutes from many of the student housing estates in Castletroy, so no need to call taxis!

You’ll soon become familiar with the sound of resident DJ Ber’s voice.

This is an essential part of life as a UL student. You get in free if you’re a member of the International society.

3. Cabal

FB: Limerick

With its humble beginnings in the lovely Stormy Teacup café in the city, Cabal is not only a music night but a streetwear brand too.

Founded in 2017, the music event soon became popular and eventually moved the location to Dolans Warehouse.

Sporting eclectic visuals created by Limerick-based students and playing music ranging from the genres of nu-disco and house music, Cabal has become an extremely popular student night.

Well-known Irish music blogger and DJ Nialler9 played at the February event, tickets sold out in less than half an hour.

At every event, an artist in residence is chosen and their work is displayed on the walls of Dolans Warehouse.

You need to experience it at least once! Tickets are normally around €6.

2. The Icon

via Heineken Rugby Club

If you are 20 or over, then the Icon is for you. Situated at the corner of Denmark Street, the nightclub is impossible to miss as it’s usually the one club that is always jam-packed with people.

Boasting two floors and three bars, the Smyths bar is where you’ll get live bands playing if you make it in on time.

The bottom floor is where you’ll hear club classics and nostalgic throwback tunes. If you make your way upstairs you’ll hear the latest chart-topper.

On Thursdays, girls get in for absolutely free, so it’s the perfect place for a girl’s night out. Normally it’s €5 but may be more when Student Race days occur.

1. Touch of Techno

FB: Touch of Techno

Founded and ran by students in the club Habitat, Touch of Techno aims to bring some of the best local and international talent in the techno world.

These nights are known to be energetic, also sweaty but memorable if this is your scene. So far, they’ve hosted well known Berlin trio FJAAK, Folamour and more.

The terrace often boasts talented local acts such as ambient music group Kodu who are made up of UL graduates.

The techno music scene is thriving in Limerick, so this is your cup of tea be sure and keep an eye out come September. Tickets sell out fast, you have been warned. Tickets are around €8.

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