Top 5 reasons why Ireland is Atlantis

An expert has revealed reasons why Ireland is Atlantis, could it be true?

Ireland has always been an extraordinary and magical place. Maybe this is because the people are so great and the country is so beautiful, or perhaps it is much deeper than that.

Maybe Ireland’s magic comes from the fact that Ireland is actually the lost kingdom of Atlantis.

Dr Ulf Erlingsson, a Swedish scientist, inventor, and human rights activist, has made the bold claim that the Emerald Isle may be the lost kingdom.

Dr Erlingsson graduated from university with a Bachelor of Science in Geosciences and then went on to study a PhD in Physical Geography at Uppsala University, Sweden.

It is his PhD in Physical Geography that builds an argument for Dr Erlingsson’s claims and really makes you wonder if his claims could be true.

So, here are the reasons he thinks Ireland is Atlantis.

5. Newgrange – a striking resemblance to Atlantis

Newgrange is one of the reasons why Ireland is Atlantis.
Credit: Brian Morrison for Tourism Ireland

Newgrange in County Meath is a very popular tourist attraction.

It is a prehistoric monument built during the Neolithic period. It is older than both Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids making it extremely rich in history even without these claims.

Newgrange is best known for the way it tells time by only allowing light to shine directly into it on one day per year, around the 21st of December, also known as the winter solstice.

According to Dr Erlingsson, Newgrange has a central plane fringed by mountains, which is exactly the same as is depicted for Atlantis.

Similar to Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth, which are both also situated in Meath, are other Irish burial sites that could be linked to Atlantis.

4. The shape of Ireland – just a coincidence?

Is the shape of Ireland just a coincidence?
Credit: / @Katillustrationlondon

The actual shape and size of Ireland is another reason that leads Dr Erlingsson to believe that Ireland could be the lost kingdom of Atlantis.

Firstly, Ireland is 300 miles long and 200 miles wide, which is the same as being described for Atlantis.

Secondly, Ireland is also widest in the middle and narrower at either end, which is the same as is described for Atlantis and thirdly, Dr Erlingsson looked at the geographical data for all 50 of the largest islands in the world and Ireland is the only one that has a plain in the middle.

Of course, these could all be coincidences but the size, shape, and the geographical data all being the same does make you curious that maybe Ireland is Atlantis.

3. The Hill of Tara – connection to the kings

The Hill of Tara is next on our list of reasons why Ireland is Atlantis.
Credit: Tourism Ireland

The Hill of Tara, which is also in Meath, is another reason that Dr Erlingsson links Ireland and Atlantis.

In Ireland, the Hill of Tara is most famous for featuring heavily in Irish lore and mythology as the inauguration place and seat of the High Kings of Ireland.

According to Dr Erlingsson, “Plato said that ten kings met in the Atlantis capital every five years, which would equate with Tara’s historical connection with the high kings”.

I think that all Irish people would like to think of the legendary Irish High King, Brian Boru, as being capable of ruling Atlantis if he ever had the chance.

2. Maybe Atlantis didn’t actually sink – it could all be a myth

Maybe Atlantis didn't actually sink.
Credit: / @ArtTower

Most of the legend of the Kingdom of Atlantis is about how it sank but according to Dr Erlingsson that might be a completely different legend in itself.

Many people believe that the natural disaster of the sinking of Dogger Bank in the North Sea is Atlantis, but what Dr Erlingsson is arguing is that could be a myth in itself made by Atlantis and that Atlantis never actually sank in the first place.

“The original Atlantis may have been Dogger Bank, but then you have the mixing of different layers in the myth” explains Dr Erlingsson.

1. Ireland’s magic – a magic little country

Ireland's magic tops our list of reasons why Ireland is Atlantis.
Credit: / @Leamsii

Another possible reason that Ireland is Atlantis is the general magic and sense of wonder associated with our amazing little country.

Sure, they have no actual relation to Atlantis, but the attachment of things such as leprechauns, fairies, and lots of other magical things to Ireland make the possibility of Ireland being Atlantis just that little bit more believable.

Dr Erlingsson put himself in a place where he could very well be stigmatised for releasing this contribution, and he said himself that many of his colleagues advised him against publishing it. Not because the contents were wrong, but because of the possible backlash and criticism he could receive.

We would like to think that when Dr Erlingsson came to Ireland for himself and travelled to the historic sites mentioned above, he couldn’t help but feel the magic and wonder associated with them that all Irish people feel.

We think it gave him the extra push he needed to publish this theory. Maybe if all of the people criticising Dr Erlingsson experienced the magic for themselves, they might just open up their mind a little bit more.

Of course, it is far from definite that Ireland is the lost Kingdom of Atlantis but knowing the luck and magic of the Irish, who knows, it just might be.

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