Top 5 reasons to sail in Ireland

Summer is coming, and if you are deciding on your perfect destination, then Ireland should be high on the list.

Known for being the Emerald Isle, Ireland is home to vibrant culture, world-famous hospitality, and delicious food and drink.

Still, it is also where you can discover stunning vistas, beautiful beaches, and untouched rugged islands. Thus, making it the perfect destination for a sailing holiday which can be easily facilitated by one of the most reliable online charter providers

So, are you planning a trip to this beautiful island? If so, then here are our top five reasons to sail in Ireland.

5. A summer of fun in Ireland – plenty to see and do along the coast

Embracing a summer of fun is one of the reasons to sail in Ireland.
Credit: Fáilte Ireland

Whether you are a consummate foodie who loves the finer things in life or you are an avid surfer looking for a challenge, there is something for everyone on the island of Ireland.

For those who love a festival, the summer months are chock full of different gatherings; whether you check out the Sea Sessions Surf and Music Festival, Camp Dalfest, or the weird and wonderful Puck Fair.

Those with eye for architecture will be astounded by the ancient cities and evidence of ruined settlements scattered across Ireland. At many, you will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with castles that stood tall thousands of years ago.

Sea Sessions Festival in Bundoran is a must-visit.
Credit: Fáilte Ireland

Of course, no trip to Ireland would be complete without a few drops of whiskey and a few pints of the black stuff. Thankfully, there are distilleries everywhere and Guinness on tap in every pub, bar, restaurant, and hotel. So, you will be spoiled for choice.

For the adventurous, there are impressive views to be had while hiking in various places around Ireland. You’ll be amazed by nature, whether you are in the palm-tree-laden south of the country or the astonishing Giant’s Causeway in the very north.

Surf’s up in the wild Atlantic; surfers from around the world make the pilgrimage to Donegal, Sligo, and Mayo every year.

4. Life on the water discover Ireland at your own pace

Sailing in Ireland gives you the opportunity to discover the island at your own pace.
Credit: Tourism Northern Ireland

Do you like to travel at your own pace? If so, choosing a sailing holiday in Ireland might be the best decision you make.

There are options for cruising down the waterways, checking out the loughs (lakes), and taking the trip out to some of the islands. So, you are spoiled for choice from the water.

So, for us, having these options is one of the main reasons to sail in Ireland.

3. Internal waterways ‒ one of the main reasons to sail in Ireland

Discovering the country's internal waterways is one of the reasons to sail in Ireland.
Credit: Tourism Northern Ireland

Ireland is home to 800 km (497 miles) of internal waterways. Thus, allowing visitors to sail through ancient lands and discover new sights and experiences.

From the engineering marvel of the canal system to the loughs where you can stop for fishing, watersports, and wildlife spotting, travelling the internal waterways system in Ireland can be something really special.

Find hidden standing stones, foreboding castles, and the ruins of monasteries; look at archaeological sites and admire the craftsmanship of towers and cathedrals.

In the geographical centre of Ireland is the beautiful Lough Ree. With enough space to allow for long cruises, excellent fishing, and the opportunity to indulge in various activities around the shore, from water sports to restaurants, you’ll be spoilt for choice here.

2. Sea fishing a haven for fishermen

Ireland is a haven for sea fishing.
Credit: Tourism Ireland

The varying water temperatures in different parts of Ireland make sea fishing incredibly fun. Get out there on a chartered boat and spend a glorious day fishing for some of the species that reside in the coastal waters.

Sea fishing can net you plaice, turbot, cod, haddock, and ray; perfect for a late evening cookout on board and a tasty dinner for everyone.

1. Island hopping ‒ get off the mainland

Seeing the islands is one of the reasons to sail in Ireland.
Credit: Tourism Ireland

Although Ireland is an island, many small islands exist off the coast. These are all worth a visit – and almost all are only accessible by boat.

While ferries operate services to these islands, sailing there yourself is extremely rewarding. However, while this is one of our main reasons to sail in Ireland, this is maybe more suited to the experienced sailor.

Some of the islands you could visit include:

  • Inishmurray Island: Completely uninhabited by humans, this island is the home of tens of thousands of seabirds. You can also spy the ruins of an ancient monastery, which is the reason for it still being a popular pilgrimage site.
  • Skellig Islands: Made famous by Star Wars, these islands are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a popular tourist destination.
  • Garnish Island: This stunning island resembles an opulent Roman villa more than a rugged island off the coast of Ireland. Here, you will find stunning gardens containing rare specimens and the chance to spot harbour seals.
  • Inishbofin Island: For the wild ones, this island is the place to go for wild swimming, diving, hiking, and horseriding all under the shadow of the imposing Cromwellian barracks.
  • Achill Island: The largest of the islands, Achill is also the only one that is accessible via a bridge. Here, you will find the chilling ruins of deserted farmhouses left behind when their occupants fled during the Irish famine.

For us, the only way to experience all that Ireland has to offer is by boat.

Final thoughts things to know before sailing in Ireland

There are plenty of reasons to sail in Ireland.
Credit: Tourism Northern Ireland

Recognised as a real destination for sailors, the coast of Ireland can be as dangerous as it is beautiful. So, unless you are a skilled and experienced captain, you might want to consider chartering a yacht with a captain for your adventures.

The changeable weather and the wild Atlantic Ocean can conspire to make the breathtaking scenery swathed in thick fog one minute and glorious sunshine the next.

So, why not take some of the stress away by chartering a sailboat, a catamaran, a yacht, or a motorboat, complete with a knowledgeable captain for your trip?

There are endless options for luxurious stays or back-to-nature getaways. So, exploring what Ireland has to offer while enjoying the stunning vistas is best undertaken by boat.

At Borrowaboat, you will find a vast range of watercraft at your fingertips, ready to help you set sail on your perfect Irish holiday.

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