Top 5 prettiest streets in Belfast

We’ve rounded up the five prettiest streets in Belfast that will be sure to do well on your Instagram feed.

Over the last several years, Belfast has undergone a number of regeneration projects to modernize the city while still preserving its rich history. The streets of Northern Ireland’s capital are a testament to this as they show the city’s past while also being filled with colour and life.

Boasting everything from cobbled streets to tree lined alleys and even a blanket of yellow umbrellas to walk beneath, Belfast has it all. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to go to snap a cute picture or just want to see the best-looking places in the city, here is a list of our top five prettiest streets in Belfast.

5. Commercial Court – one of the city’s most photographed streets

The 5 prettiest streets in Belfast include Commercial Court
Credit: Instagram / @jup84

As this is one of the city’s most photographed streets, we couldn’t make a list of the prettiest streets in Belfast without including Commercial Court.

Located in the buzzing Cathedral Quarter, the city’s social hub, Commercial Court is lit up with a blanket of red fairy lights. The cobbled path is lined with stunning red brick buildings including the Duke of York bar, whose exterior is adorned with flowers to add to the street’s aesthetic.

The cherry on top of the cake has to be the entry way to the side of Commercial Court, which is home to an incredible piece of art dedicated to some of Northern Ireland’s most notable figures. While you’re here, you have to make sure to snap a picture of the yellow umbrellas that fill the roof of the little alleyway!

Address: Commercial Ct, Belfast

4. Wildflower Alley – breathing fresh life into an alleyway

The 5 prettiest streets in Belfast include Wildflower Alley
Credit: Instagram / @megarlic

The Holylands area of Belfast tends to be known as the rowdy student area of the city as it sits right behind Queen’s University Belfast, so it may be a surprise that the area is actually home to one of the prettiest streets in Belfast.

Wildflower Alley was a regeneration programme put in place in order to breathe fresh life into the area. The project was created by 40 local residents in an attempt to rejuvenate the neglected alley, and so far it’s been a huge success!

The street is now lined with plant boxes and containers with wildflowers and herbs, and the fences are painted with multi-coloured designs, making it one of the prettiest streets in Belfast.

Location: Wildflower Way, Belfast

3. Joy’s Entry – a spot for Instagram-worthy strolls and drinks

The 5 prettiest streets in Belfast include Joy's Entry
Credit: Twitter / @feetmeanttoroam

The narrow street that connects Ann Street to High Street would be easy to miss to a passer-by, but it’s definitely worth taking a stroll down if you’re passing, as it’s one of the prettiest streets in Belfast.

Joy’s Entry is one of a number of Belfast Entries, which are some of the oldest parts of the city, including Pottinger’s Entry, Winecellar Entry, and Sugar House Entry. Former Social Development Minister David Hanson described the Entries as the streets “where Belfast began and developed into the city it is today”.

Joy’s Entry is particularly photogenic as it is lined with fairy lights and shrubbery running along above your head as you make your way down the alley, and you might as well stop for a drink at the Jailhouse Bar while you’re there!

Location: Joys Entry, Belfast

2. Donegall Place – a picturesque view of City Hall and more

Donegall Place is an Instagram-worthy street
Credit: Instagram / @abeesomeen

Donegall Place is one of Belfast’s main shopping streets, home to a number of high street stores including Boots, Marks and Spencer, and Primark.

It also one of the prettiest streete in Belfast, as it will give you a great view of one of the city’s main tourist attractions, City Hall, as the street leads right up to it.

A recent improvement to the street means it’s much prettier to look at as it is lined with green trees and The Masts’—eight copper-clad lighting masts built in 2011 to reflect Belfast’s maritime heritage named after White Star Line ships built in Harland and Wolff.

Location: Donegall Place, Belfast

1. Elmwood Avenue – the prettiest street in Belfast in the autumn

Elmwood Avenue looks especially beautiful in the autumn
Credit: Instagram / @uribaqueiro

Most of the area surrounding Queen’s University Belfast is pretty. For example, you’ve got Botanic Gardens, Botanic Avenue, and we can’t forget the university itself. Nearby Elmwood Avenue is no exception.

This tree-lined avenue leading up to Queen’s University’s Lanyon Building is particularly stunning in the autumn when the yellow and orange leaves begin to fall from the trees, making a bed of leaves along the side of the street.

Elmwood Avenue is also lined with beautiful red brick buildings with big bay windows that really add to the aesthetic of the area, making you feel like you’re in New York. It’s definitely one of the prettiest streets in Belfast, and a must-see if you’re about South Belfast.

Location: Elmwood Ave, Belfast

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