Top 5 places for afternoon tea in Dublin

The tradition of ‘afternoon tea’ is alive and well in Ireland’s capital. Here are five charming places for afternoon tea in Dublin.

Top 5 places for afternoon tea in Dublin

Believe it or not, going for a spot of ‘afternoon tea’ is more than just a craze that’s sweeping the nation; in fact, it hails from the early 1800s in Britain, when folk would meet for an early nibble of something sweet or savory generally served with a pot of tea, nowadays something stronger. 

This would then happily tide them over until their evening meal around 8 pm, avoiding the term we now know as ‘hangry’, perhaps? That is why here at Ireland Before You Die, we have put together a list of the top five places for afternoon tea in Dublin, so you can see just what is keeping this tradition alive for so long.

Below you will find an array of afternoon tea options that may surprise you—some unique, some traditional, and some with a clever mix of both. Let’s think outside the box, shall we? 

5. Póg – afternoon tea with a vegan twist

Places for afternoon tea in Dublin include Pog
Credit: @PogFroYo / Facebook

Appealing to many of our health and environmentally conscious folk, Póg (Irish for kiss) offers a very unique afternoon tea with a vegan twist. This quirky establishment in the heart of the city center not only provides great value, great surroundings, and an afternoon tea in Dublin quite different to the usual, but it also aims to promote healthy food whilst keeping tradition alive.

Not to mention that they offer a ‘bottomless bubbles’ add-on to enhance the experience. Sure, who wouldn’t jump at the thought of that?

Cost: €30 per person/€37 per person with bubbles

Address: 32 Bachelors Walk, North City, Dublin 1, D01 HD00, Ireland


4. Vintage Tea Trips – tea and treats on a vintage bus

Places for afternoon tea in Dublin include Vintage Tea Tours
Credit: @vintageteatours / Instagram

What better way to enjoy a pot of tea and some tasty delights than to truly enjoy them the Irish way? When it comes to afternoon tea in Dublin, Vintage Tea Trips have put their own Irish twist on the tradition, including taking in some city sights whilst travelling on a 1960s vintage bus, complete with the 1950s rhythm of jazz music in the background.

If you’ve ever had a friend visit our great city and you have wanted to find something different yet memorable for them to enjoy, then this is definitely the way to go. Combining history, music, good food, and an ever-changing setting, Vintage Tea Trips are quite a way to make some memories. You’ll be inundated with visitors after this. 

Cost: €47.50 per person

Address: Essex St E, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland


3. The Atrium Lounge – ‘Writers’ Tea’ for literature lovers

Places for afternoon tea in Dublin include the Atrium Lounge

Hosting a very unique ‘Writers Tea’, this place is set to take you on a journey. With a sweet and pretty decor and divine sweet and savory treats to tickle anyone’s taste buds, the beautiful lounge located at The Westin Hotel inspires us with food that has been influenced by some of the great Irish writers of our time, including James Joyce and W.B Yeats.

With an ideal location close to Trinity College, one of our oldest and most well-known universities, The Atrium lounge has truly found a niche, and this keeps everyone coming back for more. 

Cost: €45 per person

Address: The Westin Westmoreland Street 2, College Green, Dublin, Ireland


2. The Shelbourne Hotel – an elegant setting with a view to die for

The Shelbourne Hotel is an elegant venue in the city
Credit: @theshelbournedublin / Instagram

Set in one of the most beautiful, elegant and traditional parts of the city, this timeless hotel, offers the ritual of afternoon tea as if it were an art form. In this iconic hotel, situated next to the lush gardens of St Stephen’s Green, not only will you be sat comfortably in The Lord Mayors Lounge, but you will also have a view to die for, and that’s a well-known fact.

Let the Shelbourne continue to bring tradition alive by taking one of your loved ones on this magical journey. They won’t be disappointed, but they may be a little blown away.  

Cost: Classic afternoon tea €55 per person

Address: 27 St Stephen’s Green, Dublin, Ireland


1. The Merrion Hotel – for an extravagant 5-star afternoon

The Merrion Hotel is a popular spot for tea

Our best place for afternoon tea in Dublin goes to the stunning 5-star Merrion Hotel. Here you will undoubtedly experience the most extravagant afternoon tea you can imagine. Not only is the food that served on the finest of chinaware; the delicacies themselves are uniquely inspired by some of Ireland’s greatest artists, including J.B. Yeats and William Scott, which led them to coin the term ‘Art Tea’.

You will be served in style at Dublin’s most luxurious hotel, whilst relaxing in beautiful, peaceful surroundings: the perfect place to step back in time the fashionable way.

Cost: €55 per person

Address: Merrion Street Upper, Dublin 2, Ireland


Through our journey in search of the best places for afternoon tea in Dublin, we have discovered that there is most definitely something for everyone. From art lovers to the health conscious to historians and beyond, we have truly found some niches when it comes to the ritual of afternoon tea.

So no matter who you may desire to treat in your life, you have a wide array of magnificent choices in Dublin city. Let’s hope that this quaint tradition of afternoon tea will continue to inspire modern twists not only in Dublin, but also all around the Emerald Isle. 

By Jade Poleon

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