The 5 Best Pizzas In Limerick

As we all know, pizza originates in Italy but over the years it has become a staple part of Ireland’s diet. I mean, are you even a student if you haven’t eaten cold pizza for breakfast?

We all know pizza is one of the easiest snacks to serve at a child’s birthday party. Some adults dine out and enjoy luxuriously cheesy pizza from one of Limerick’s finest Italian restaurants on a regular basis. Whether you’re a fan of a five-euro deal or the best pizza money can offer, a chat with Limerick natives has resulted in a detailed list of both takeaways and restaurants.

So, here are the top five places that serve pizza in Limerick.

5. Four Seasons Pizza

This pizza is known for fuelling many a student through a hangover after a crazy night out on the town. Situated right next to the Groody Student Accommodation in Castletroy, this takeaway is extremely popular. Famous for its €5 student deal which includes a nine-inch pizza, a decent bag of chips, garlic dip and a can Coke, you can also purchase a whopping sixteen-inch pizza for just ten euro.

Their pizza is even tasty when served cold the day after and delivery is just two euro. Four Seasons are very versatile and can make vegan-friendly pizzas if you wish to eat a pizza that is dairy free. Delivery begins at five o’clock and the takeaway closes at midnight. On occasion, if it’s not too busy your pizza could arrive, piping hot, within twenty minutes!

Address2, Groody Retail Centre, Reboge Meadows, Castletroy, Co. Limerick, Ireland

4. Papa Gino’s Pizza

We look to Denmark Street, just minutes from Limerick city centre for this next cheesy offering. Opening in 1988, Papa Gino’s Pizza is well known in Limerick city. Famous for serving its popular rectangular shaped ‘family’ pizza to the masses, the pizzeria creates tailor-made pizzas to suit your preference. So, there’s something there for everyone.

A popular choice for customers is the Hawaiian option. If you like their Facebook page you’ll be notified of half-price promotions and discounts. Locals have praised the charisma of its owner, Papa Gino himself. Keep an ear out for his famous catchphrase ‘Do you want pepper on it?’

Address33 Denmark St, Limerick, Ireland

3. Pizza Galaxy

Another student favourite, Pizza Galaxy is great because it doesn’t close until one o’clock in the morning, helping to feed the huge student population of Limerick. Pizza Galaxy is especially good for its sixteen-inch pizzas and students to have reported that you usually don’t have to wait too long for the pizza to arrive.

Their ‘Student Party’ deal for twenty-two euro entails four nine-inch pizzas, four bags of chips, four dips and four soft drinks of your choice. Not a bad bargain at all. If you use the Marvin app you get fifteen per cent off your first order and there’s also a full website at your disposal so you can pick and choose easily.

AddressC1 Ellen St, Limerick, Ireland

2. La Cucina

Instagram: lacucinalimerick

If you’re looking for some authentic tasting Italian pizza, look no further than La Cucina. Their pizzas are made fresh from scratch and they are simply mouth-watering. The Italian restaurant opened in 2003 in Castletroy and sources ingredients from Italy itself! Tasty pizza dishes include the original Margherita with real Italian mozzarella and the Fiorentina, which is a magic creation that entails baby spinach, parmesan shavings and egg all in one pizza!

As the food is prepared meticulously from scratch with fresh ingredients, you’ll have to wait a bit longer, but it is so worth it. All pizzas are served with grated cheese to add that extra bit of cheesiness if you desire. The restaurants also serve signature Italian dishes such as pasta carbonara, bruschetta and lasagne. Frequent visitors to the Castletroy restaurant are Munster rugby players!

AddressUniversity Ct, Newcastle, Co. Limerick, Ireland

1. Cobblestone Joe’s

Instagram: valentina.zagorac

Coming in at number one is Cobblestone Joe’s, a bar and venue mere minutes from the Milk Market on Little Ellen Street. The locals that were asked to give their opinion on the best pizza in Limerick chose Cobblestone Joe’s in their droves. Their pizza is made by hand and cooked in a wood fire oven, which adds a unique flavour!

The restaurant is known for hosting great live music nights and its menu was revamped in recent years. A signature pizza dish is a spicy pepperoni with thin crust! The pizzas are large in size and are made fresh. Locals have said that Cobblestone Joe’s is not only great for pizza, but also its beer garden, gigs and wide variety of craft beer.

Address11 Little Ellen St, Limerick, Ireland

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