Top 5 of the best vegetarian food brands in Ireland

Vegetarianism has taken off all over the world. Here are five of the best vegetarian food brands in Ireland that you need to try.

If you’re a vegetarian in Ireland, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to vegetarian options in the supermarkets.

Gone are the days when all you could find was some overpriced tofu and maybe some chickpeas and lentils, or being offered salad or plain pasta at a restaurant.

Nowadays, not only is there a huge variety of vegetarian restaurants, cafes, and veggie food options in most pubs, but there is a huge selection of vegetarian food available in almost all of our supermarkets.

We’re a lucky bunch if you compare to some other countries in Europe. Ireland has really taken on a great approach to the vegetarian lifestyle with almost all supermarkets having their own vegetarian section, both in the fridge and frozen foods sections, making grocery shopping all that more exciting.

With that being said, we are here to talk about five of the best vegetarian food brands in Ireland, that are affordable, available at supermarkets, and you’ll most certainly want to try.

5. Plant Kitchen – M&S have got the scoop

Plant Kitchen in M&S is another great vegan food brand.
Credit: @_janethevegan_ / Instagram

M&S have launched their range of vegetarian and vegan food, called Plant Kitchen. They feature everything from wraps, ready meals, and snacks to sushi, burgers, and no-chicken kiev.

Not only have they got a wide range of food available, but they also have a variety of kinds of milk and even plant-based ice cream. Don’t forget to check out their range of vegan products too.

Available at M&S.

4. Fry’s – crafting food, inspiring change

You need to try Fry's delicious vegetarian meals.

Yes, that is their motto, and what great words to live by. Their delicious products are certainly a craft in their own right, and you’ll know what we mean when you try them.

They started in 1991 when everyone saw them as crazy for having ideas that plants can resemble meat.

Now, they have a successful range of products from smoked hot dogs and soy/flaxseed schnitzel to country roasts and even battered style prawn pieces.

 Available at Tesco.

3. Quorn – a food revolution that started in the ‘60s

Quorn is another of the top vegetarian food brands in Ireland.

Almost every vegetarian knows this brand, considering it is available in virtually all big supermarkets.

However, some may have a more varied range. They are famous for their Quorn mince, chicken style pieces, and their Swedish meatballs, yet, they have a vast range worth checking out, including peppered steaks and even vegetarian pepperoni.

Available at Aldi, Lidl, Spar, and Tesco.

2. Tesco’s own brand – one of the best vegetarian food brands in Ireland

Another of the top vegetarian food brands in Ireland is Tesco's own brand.
Credit: @elainemcoughlan / Instagram

Tesco sell lots if vegetarian ranges, but their own brand is nothing to be sniffed at. Gone are the days when being a vegetarian was expensive and sometimes not so varied, now with Tesco doing an own-brand range of vegetarian and vegan products, everyone is happy.

They feature products from their Plant Chef and Wicked Kitchen range, including mushroom medallions, meat-free balls, and BBQ steaks.

Available at Tesco.

1. Linda McCartney 30 years of delicious food

Linda McCartney is one of the top vegetarian food brands in Ireland.

Started by the late Linda McCartney 30 years ago, this brand has absolutely thrived over the years, considering it all began when not much competition was around.

The brand ensures that their food is sustainably sourced, is on the road to being completely plastic-free, and ensures 78% of their products are vegan friendly.

Some of their unbelievable products include the yummy vegetarian Lincolnshire sausages (perfect in coddle), vegetarian steak and gravy pie, vegetarian southern fried chicken burger, vegetarian fishcakes, and even a vegetarian roast, perfect for Sunday dinner.

This is an absolute must-try!

Available at Tesco.

Among these five unbelievable brands, there are many more available in stores. While some other European countries and countries worldwide are still catching up with vegetarianism and realising its benefits, here in Ireland we are already there.

Whether you are completely meat-free, dairy-free, or like to do a meat-free Monday, the best thing about these brands, is there is a choice for everyone.

And you’ll have to agree that what’s even better is that, finally a group of people with mixed diets can sit around one table and all enjoy a meal together, which is what Irish food is all about.

So, head to any of these supermarkets and try out some of the brands on our five best vegetarian food brands in Ireland list, you won’t be disappointed, but spoilt for choice.

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