The Five Most Mysterious & Shocking UFO Sightings Ever Reported in Ireland

Ireland is an ancient land, most often associated with the likes of tall tales, folklore, supernatural creatures and rolling green hills.

What doesn’t generally come to mind is UFO sightings. Saying that there has been quite the number of them over the years.

Ever wondered if there is life above? Well, check out these top five mysterious UFO sightings in Irish skies.

5. The Family Encounter, Dublin

This UFO sighting took place in Dublin in January 2014. Standing, staring at the night sky, a woman and her two daughters all experience an inexplicable sight: three alien bodies moving across the canopy of the stars.

“Myself and my two daughters seen what looked like stars moving across the sky a couple of weeks ago, fascinated by them we decided to have a look out for them tonight.

They are actually satellites but as we were looking at them my eldest daughter shouted out ‘Oh my god what the heck are they.’

She pointed them out to her sister who also seen them, my eye did not catch them for a few seconds but when I see them I was shocked.

What looked like to be 3 triangular shapes speed across the sky with no lights/noise then watched through my binoculars to see what looked like the 3 objects disappear into thin air.

I was very shocked and asked my daughters exactly what they had seen before me, they described the UFOs the way I did and said they were flying in the shape of a V just like the way some birds do.

But there was not a chance of them being birds they were too big, going to fast and there were no flapping wings.”

4. The Bright Light, Dundalk

This UFO encounter happened just a few years earlier in November 2008. Located in Dundalk, County Louth a local resident spotted a bright light from the conservatory in their home.

“Walked out of the sunroom at the back of the house facing south and glanced up at the night sky because it was so clear.

A bright white object (steady on, did not flicker), [the] same size as the north star but at low altitude (about a mile high maybe), edged in pale blue at times, was travelling at speed from left to right (east to west) in a ‘perfect horizontal line’.

It made no sound and I observed it move across the sky for three to four seconds before it disappeared (or turned off its lights) just before it would have escaped from my view anyway.

Definitely not a plane or helicopter, it moved far, far too quickly, but not as quick as a shooting star. My guess is it came in from the direction of the sea as seemed to be heading inland.”

3. The Pulsating Orb, Donegal

This personal account comes from December in 2005. When driving through Glenveigh National Park in County Donegal, two friends get a rare chance to truly observe a UFO sighting at leisure.

“I was driving with a friend from Letterkenny to Doochary through Glenveigh National Park and as we descended towards Lough Barra I could see a big blue circular light about a metre or more in diameter positioned on the rock face of Crockfadda at about 330 metres up the mountain.

As we drove closer to the lake (seen below) the blue light was directly above us to our right about 2/3rds of the way up the rock face.

The light grew more intense and was pulsating in colour from dark to electric blue but with little flare light or discernable pattern […]

The light was visible for the several minutes we sat there and I would gladly have sat on and watched it but my friend wanted to get back to the house and the light was still visible as we drove away to the south.”

2. An Encounter With Friends, Carlow

This encounter took place in November 2008 in Carlow Centre, County Carlow. Oftentimes UFO encounters are considered fake due to the lack of eyewitnesses; in this account, however, there are three individuals who witness the exact same thing.

“A clear evening in early November 2008 myself and my two friends were making our way home after a night at the movies.

When we reached a street close to my own my two friends had stopped to speak with someone as this was happening I was looking towards a friends house and over the house was a blue light shaped hovering object…My friends then noticed it and turned next to me to observe the strange light.

The three of us watched the object hover for a brief second and then flashed a light of great intensity…the object had disappeared in the middle of the flash.

We discussed as we walked home confused and perplexed, we thought that maybe it was lightning but no sound followed and then we thought of fireworks but again the lack of sound eliminated that possibility.

It was dead silent very eerie afterwards.”

1. The Lake Encounter, Mayo

This experience took place in June 2006 on Rooskey lake in the Ox Mountains in County Mayo. Again, more than one person witnessed this strange sighting.

“I was rowing a boat for a fly angler on Rooskey lake. I work there and we were fishing for trout in the late evening sedge hatch.

As the angle was fishing a movement in the sky caught my eye… Initially, it looked as if a bright star was moving about the sky erratically up, down and sideways while falling but coming towards us…

I asked the angler to look up. He said, my goodness what is that? Exactly I said… The object was getting bigger. It was very bright with [a] clean white light like a star only bigger…

It soon slowed down when it got close to us and then changed direction. It moved sideways at great speed. It moved erratically with sudden changes of direction and height.

There was no noise what so ever. Nothing could move as suddenly as that when it jumps I said, a plane doing that would disintegrate. The passengers would be out through the roof said the angler.

It moved along under cloud level under several clouds. It then moved away from us and gathered great speed. It rose in the sky as it moved away and covered a vast distance in a very short time and disappeared into infinity…

We both realised it was a UFO.”

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