Top 5 most unusual health and fitness classes in Dublin

With such a wide selection of health and fitness classes in Dublin, it can be hard to choose which one to go for. If you fancy trying something different, here are the five most unusual.

One thing that’s for sure is that looking after your body never has to be boring when you’re living in the capital.

For those of us who simply can’t stand the thought of a traditional gym work-out, Dublin has no end of options – here are our top five picks of the fair city’s most unusual health and fitness classes.

5. PoundFit – fitness with funk

First up on our list of unusual health and fitness classes in Dublin is PoundFit.
Credit: Instagram / @movewithcarla

Have you always secretly fancied yourself as a bit of a rock-star? If so, PoundFit might be the class for you.

Marketed as a class for “fitness rebels”, PoundFit is a dance class where participants rock out to a banging playlist with weighted drum sticks in-hand.

This means that you’re basically tricking your body into doing both a cardio and weights session while you’re prancing about the place pretending to be Tommy Lee. Where do we sign up?!

Address: Synge St, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin, Ireland

4. Laughter Yoga – chuckle yourself fit

Laughter Yoga sounds like great fun.
Credit: Instagram / @huntercomms

A big part of overall wellness is improving mindset and mental health, and that is precisely what this class focuses on.

Less about the downward dog and more about a downward spiral into giggling hysteria, anyone who has tried Laughter Yoga will agree that this is one class that’s all about those happy endorphins.

So how does the yoga teacher make you laugh? Generally, the class consists of holding eye contact with a partner while being guided through a series of silly instructions – such as making strange noises.

The benefits include relaxation, joy, emotional release – and maybe even abs from stimulating your stomach muscles so much if you do it often enough!

Address: Om Shanti, 96 Sandyford Downs, Sandyford, D18, Co. Dublin, D18 X4K2, Ireland

3. Climbing Fitness – for those who like hanging out

Climbing Fitness is number three on our list of unusual health and fitness classes in Dublin.
Credit: Instagram / @gravityclimbingcentre

If you’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie, a climbing wall might be the ideal place for you to work on your strength.

Pulling yourself up to the top of the wall bolstered only by precariously placed footholds to then abseil back down to the ground again? It’s not for everyone, but those who like it are quickly hooked on climbing fitness.

If this description sounds like your bag, you’re in luck – there are a wealth of climbing centres that offer climbing fitness classes in Dublin.

We particularly like Gravity Climbing Centre – it offers classes at a variety of levels, one to one coaching, and a specialised women’s only session. Best of all, these classes are all completely free to those who sign up for membership of the centre.

Time to do your best Tarzan impression!

Address: Goldenbridge Industrial Estate, 6a, Inchicore, Dublin 8, Ireland.

2. Nude Yoga – for those brave enough to bare all

Would you be brave enough to try Nude Yoga?
Credit: Facebook / @yogawithishtar

Okay, so this one is not for the faint-hearted – but bear with us as we explain the benefits of baring all in the name of health and fitness.

Dublin-based yoga teacher Ishtar Darlington has been facilitating this extremely popular class for over two years – intending to enable participants to “develop a sense of love and compassion for our bodies and to help us feel comfortable in our own skin.”

The class guides yogis through traditional poses, sequences, and breathwork – while both teacher and students are “without clothes and without inhibitions.”

Ishtar emphasises that this is a safe and non-sexual space, and any inappropriate behaviour during classes will be swiftly dealt with.

While the idea of naturist exercise may seem nerve-wracking to those of us who haven’t tried it before, but the fact that this is one of the most in-demand fitness classes in Dublin is a testament to just how much those who dare to try the session end up enjoying it.

Oh, and an added bonus – you don’t have to worry about buying expensive yoga pants!

Address: Various locations – check the Yoga with Ishtar Facebook page for latest details on scheduled classes.

1. Bonnie Boux’s video recreations – for a taste of fitness fame and one of the most unusual health and fitness classes in Dublin

Bonnie Boux's classes are number one on our list of unusual health and fitness classes in Dublin.
Credit: Instagram / @bonnieboux

Burlesque superstar Bonnie Boux travels the nation with the honourable intention of teaching the men and women of Ireland to  “dance themselves free.” She regularly holds one of her most popular fitness classes in Dublin – music video recreation.

For this class, Bonnie selects a particular icon (think Britney and The Pussycat Dolls) and teaches participants a choreographed routine for one of their songs.

What makes this class unique is that the participants are then professionally filmed performing their new moves – meaning you go home with one of the coolest souvenirs ever and can trick everyone you meet from now on into thinking you’re a famous dancer.

Why would anyone bother going to a boring gym when that’s on offer?!

Address: Various locations – check the Bonnie Boux Facebook or Instagram page for details on the latest schedule.

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