5 Historical Places You MUST See In The Navan Area

Navan town sits proudly on the banks of the Blackwater River and the River Boyne. The capital town in County Meath it is the perfect starting point if you want to experience the rich history and oldest folklore in Ireland. Here’s the top five historical sites you can see.

5. Bective Abbey

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Medieval Ireland is brought to life through Bective Abbey. Founded in 1147 Bective Abbey, like many monasteries in Ireland at the time were responsible for preserving and teaching precious texts, also for creating some of the most amazing Christian art in the world. Bective Abbey is free admission all year round and is a 15 minute drive from navan.

4. Boyne Valley

The River Boyne is mentioned in many Irish folklore, The Salmon of Knowledge, The Children of Lir and in many stories it is said the goddess Boann created the river. The River Boyne flows through Navan and Drogheda until it flows into the Irish Sea in Mornington. The Boyne Valley is a must to walk along and be transported back to a time of fairies, folklore and knowledgeable fish.

3. The Battle of the Boyne Visitor Centre

Not only is the River Boyne filled with many famous Irish stories, a historic battle took place right on it’s banks. In 1690 King James II of England fought Dutch Prince William of Orange as an attempt to regain the throne of England and Scotland. The Battle of the Boyne is seen as one of the most important moments in Irish Catholic and Protestant history. The Battle of the Boyne Visitor Centre is a must see for anyone who is interested in History. It has detailed maps and in depth information about the battle, perfect for any history lover. The Battle of the Boyne Visitor Centre is a 25 minute drive from Navan.

2. The Hill of Tara

The Hill of Tara lies near the River Boyne. Once the seat of the ancient kings of Ireland, the Hill of Tara was once a sacred place of worship for the ancient Gods of Pagan Ireland and was thought to be the entrance to the afterlife. Sitting on top of the hill is the Stone of Destiny – Ireland’s ancient coronation stone. Legend has it the stone is meant to roar when the rightful king of Tara touches it. With a gift shop and a cafe, the Hill of Tara is the ideal location to soak up some ancient Irish life, drink a coffee and maybe the Stone of Destiny will roar for you!

1. Newgrange / Brú na Bóinne Visitor Centre

f you’re visiting the Navan area Newgrange is a must on your list. Built in the heart of the Boyne Valley over 5,200 years ago by stone age farmers this passage tomb is older than the ancient pyramids of Egypt. Going to the visitor centre before going to the tomb is compulsory as there is no direct access to Newgrange without the tours from the centre but this will help you understand the stone age way of life more in depth and will prove how amazing this ancient Irish structure is. The Brú na Bóinne visitor centre offers day tours to Newgrange and a demonstration of the sun entering the chamber like it does only twice a year, on the summer and winter solstice. The Brú na Bóinne visitor centre is a 15-minutes drive from Navan.

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