Top 5 Hidden Gems of County Donegal

County Donegal boasts scenery for miles, multiple glorious beaches and a landscape rivalled by no other. Named as the coolest place on the planet this year by National Geographic, we have read about lots of the landmark spots to visit while visiting the county. This article will share 5 hidden gems you won’t want to miss when visiting the beautiful County Donegal.

1. Horn Head

Horn Head is situated along the Wild Atlantic Way, just 10 minutes from the town of Dunfanaghy. On approach, a driver’s (and indeed passengers) heart may be in their mouths on this stunning cliff side drive. While the view at the top is exhilarating, the view on your descent is equally so.

This hidden gem holds the county’s most beautiful sunset and makes for a glorious end to a drive along Donegal’s Wild Atlantic Way. With the sun setting over the water, Horn Head is a spectacle you must see while visiting Co. Donegal.

2. Murder Hole Beach

Murder Hole Beach, just 10 minutes from Downings, Co. Donegal is a hidden beach more beautiful than any other one could visit. To reach Murder Hole beach, you must be prepared for an adventure. Following the Wild Atlantic Way beyond Downings until you reach a dead end, prepare to trek through two fields (meeting friendly Donkeys on the way) and climb to an opening between two little hills. Below, feast your eyes on the beautiful, untouched beach that is Murder Hole.

Worth every step of the adventure, Murder Hole Beach is like something from a postcard, with beautiful sand and crashing waves and not to mention, a cave from which the beach looks even more magical. This is a beach you MUST make the effort to see before leaving the County!

3. The Lake at Sliabh Liag

At this stage, we all should know that the cliffs of Sliabh Liag are just as stunning (and less touristy) than those of the Cliffs of Moher. But did you know that on a continuous climb beyond the famous cliffs, your eyes will be met with the view of the most stunning lake above the Atlantic?

The sun shines perfectly beyond the lake and directly above the sea, making this a view one that you simply must discover on your adventure to Slibh Liag.

4. Rosguill Peninsula

The Rosguill Peninsula, 13km in length, is another spot along the Donegal Wild Atlantic Way that doesn’t receive quite enough attention. The marked viewpoint is a short 10-minute drive from the town of Downings and is one of pure rugged beauty.

For those who love to chase a sunset, this viewpoint is panoramic, which allows for a gorgeous view of the headland and the wild Atlantic Ocean. Even on a not so sunny day, the colours and natural beauty surrounding the Rosguill Peninsula is simply breathtaking and a definite must see hidden gem in Co. Donegal.

5. Crohy Head

Credit: Gareth Wray Photography

Last but not least is Crohy Head, so hidden I only discovered it recently myself! This view is nothing short of spectacular. From Crohy Head, onlookers will see a beautiful sea stack named ‘The Trousers’. Crohy Head is situated 1km south of the Maghery Village in the west of Co. Donegal.

Having discovered inspirational snaps of the sea stack at sunset, Crohy Head is at the top of my list for another evening chasing the setting sun. I’ll see you there on a sunny evening soon!

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