Top 5 fun things to do in Tramore if you don’t like swimming

Tramore is the perfect destination for swimmers, surfers, and kitesurfers, but what about those of us who aren’t so partial to a splash in the big blue? 

Tramore in County Waterford is one of the southeast’s most popular seaside destinations, with nearly 5 km (3 miles) of sandy beach to enjoy.

While most Tramore folk may return a look of bewilderment at the sheer notion of people not swimming, we understand.

The Atlantic Ocean can be a wild and cold place that doesn’t suit everyone, and that’s ok; we’re here to show you that there are fun things to do in Tramore besides going for a dip.

So, next time you’re invited on a beach trip with friends or family, there’s no need to worry! You’ll be thrilled to tag along once you learn about the parts of Tramore you never knew existed. 

5. Newtown Woods – for nature lovers

A trip to Newtown Woods is a must for the nature-lovers.
Credit: Instagram / @jul.elizabeth.hobbs

Why not escape from the sea entirely and head towards Newtown Woods in Tramore’s west town?

Park your car and your sea swimming friends at the Guillamene car park and pick up a drink from the Sea Brew coffee van.

Once you have your drink, go forth and marvel at the wildflowers and wildlife along the stream in this gorgeous wooded area.

The start of the walk provides a close-up view of Tramore’s famous Metalman statue, erected as a beacon to warn ships following the Sea Horse accident in 1816.

Address: Newtown Woods, Newtown, Co. Waterford

4. Lafcadio Hearn Japanese Gardens – for culture vultures

Lafacdio Hearn Japanese Gardens is a must-visit.
Credit: Instagram / @_mari_aniram_

The Japanese Gardens are a relatively new asset to Tramore, having opened in 2015.

It is a beautiful space dedicated to the late writer Lafcadio Hearn, who spent a great deal of time in the Irish town as a child.

The staff are enthusiastic and always happy to share information about the different areas. Their deck area is a beautiful space to pick up a cup of tea or coffee, soak up the garden’s atmosphere, and makes for a charming date spot.

Address: Lafcadio Hearn Japanese Gardens, Tramore House, Pond Rd, Tramore East, Tramore, Co. Waterford

3. Old Soul Vintage – for thrift store lovers

Old Soul Vintage is one of the most fun things to do in Tramore.
Credit: Instagram / @old.soulvintage

Old Soul opened their doors just off the main street in Tramore in 2020 and have since moved their business down to the promenade, so you don’t have too far to walk if you’ve tagged along on a beach day.

While your friends are catching some waves, you might as well catch some great deals; it would be rude not to.

If you’re lucky, you might get a VIP meeting with the Old Soul dog, Liam. Dog-friendly stores are always a win for us, and that’s why Old Soul has made it to the top three of fun things to do in Tramore.

Address: The Pavilion, Old Soul Vintage, Unit 4, Tramore, Co. Waterford, X91 YY11

2. Church Yard Market – to support small local business

Take a trip to Church Yard Market.
Credit: Instagram / @tastetramore

Every business owner needs to start somewhere. Coming in at number two of fun things to do in Tramore is The Church Yard Market.

This Waterford market provides the perfect space for bakers, crafters, makers, and everything in between.

From budding young artists to experienced artisanal makers, you will find a great selection at this social market, which has been part of the Tramore community for decades.

Local makers set up shop in the Holy Cross church car park every Saturday morning from 8 am to 12 pm. Vendors vary from week to week, but you’re always guaranteed to find something special while contributing to a small business owners livelihood. 

Address: Holy Cross Church, Summerhill, Tramore, Co. Waterford 

1. Creative By Nature – to discover your creative side

Creative by Nature is one of the best fun things to do in Tramore.
Credit: Facebook / Creative By Nature

Everyone has a creative side waiting to be discovered, and Creative By Nature hosts regular outdoor day retreats to nurture and encourage budding artists.

Hosted by local creatives Nicola Spendlove and Derek Flynn, this relatively new venture has received rave reviews from participants.

Expect writing and theatre improvisation workshops interspersed with mindfulness meditation sessions before sharing your work at the days’ end. This is a one of a kind experience in this great Waterford town for a break.

You won’t need any previous artistic experience. It’s an open space for all to explore their creative side, whether they are an expert or an absolute beginner.

This unique day experience wins the coveted top spot of fun things to do in Tramore. We urge you to sign up for their next event and try it out for yourself.

Contact: Creative By Nature on Facebook

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