Top 5 best pubs and bars in Tullamore everyone needs to experience

If you are looking to experience a truly authentic Irish pub atmosphere, then you are in luck if you decide to visit the best pubs and bars in Tullamore, County Offaly.

Tullamore city is famous for its namesake whiskey, which can be experienced at the Tullamore Dew Heritage Centre.

However, it also has so much more to offer, thanks to its electric nightlife scene and the variety of pubs on offer. 

In this article, we will reveal the top five best pubs and bars in Tullamore that everyone needs to experience.

5. The Old Harbour Bar – an award-winning pub

The Old Harbour Bar is one of the best pubs and bars in Tullamore everyone needs to experience.
Credit: Facebook / The Old Harbour Bar

The Old Harbour Bar, located in the heart of Tullamore city on Harbour Street, is an award-winning pub that has all the character one would expect from a traditional Irish pub while still retaining a modern feel.

This family-run pub offers such a good pint of Guinness that it was once voted as being the best place in Offaly to get a pint of Guinness.

Besides offering unrivalled pints of Guinness, the pub is also well known for hosting live music regularly and for showing all major live sporting events to go with its selection of draft beers.

Address: Harbour Street, Tullamore, Co. Offaly, Ireland

4. Maunsell’s Tullamore – over a quarter-century of success in Tullamore

Maunsells in Tullamore is one of the most unique places to enjoy a few drinks in the city.
Credit: Facebook / @MaunsellsTullamore

A family-run business established in 1999, Maunsell’s is one of the most unique bars in Ireland. A bar, restaurant, carry-out, and service station (yes, really), this is a one-stop-shop for all your needs.

An old world theme that gives this place plenty of character and charm. So, you can rest and relax here for an afternoon or evening, catching up with friends and enjoying a few cold pints.

Whether you’re in the mood to party, dine, or enjoy a quiet drink among friends, this is the perfect spot for all occasions. So, if you’re looking for one of the best pubs and bars in Tullamore, Maunsell’s is one spot you need to visit.

Address: Cloncollig Industrial Estate, Cloncollog, Tullamore, Co. Offaly, R35 F9C9, Ireland

3. Fergie’s Bar and Lounge– a former winner of pub of the year

Fergie's Bar and Lounge is one of the best pubs and bars in Tullamore everyone needs to experience.
Credit: Fergie’s Bar Tullamore

A former winner of the pub of the year award, Fergie’s Bar, located on the site of the old Tullamore cinema, makes for the perfect venue to enjoy any major sporting events as the pub has ten large screens!

Besides being a great bar for live sport, Fergies is also a great bar for music lovers. Here, they host live music every weekend. It is also a great cocktail bar. How does a cocktail on arrival here sound?

Address: Market Square, Tullamore, Co. Offaly, Ireland

2. Eugene Kelly’s – the best-decorated pub in Tullamore

Eugene Kelly's is perhaps the best-decorated pub in Tullamore.
Credit: Eugene Kelly’s

Eugene Kelly’s, or Eugene’s as it is known locally, is without a doubt the best-decorated pub in Tullamore. Its shelves are adorned with various beer bottles from across the world as well as with genuine Irish antiques and other various interesting bric-a-brac.

Besides being known for their great pints of Guinness, the bar is also regarded as being one of the best sports bars in town with horse racing, GAA, and soccer matches being shown on a regular basis.

Address: Convent Rd, Puttaghan, Tullamore, Co. Offaly, Ireland

1. Brewery Tap – a fan favourite with both locals and tourists alike

The Brewery Tap is one of the best pubs and bars in Tullamore everyone needs to experience.
Credit: The Brewery Tap Tullamore

In first place on our list of the best pubs and bars in Tullamore that everyone needs to experience is the Brewery Tap, perfect for the special occasion.

This is a pub that is favoured by both locals and tourists alike, thanks to the fact that it offers great music, a wide range of drinks, and food that is of restaurant quality.              

With its friendly staff, relaxed environment, and its overall popularity, the Brewery Tap is definitely worth a visit on any night out in Tullamore if you are looking for a bar in town. 

Address: 1 High St, Tullamore, Co. Offaly, Ireland

That concludes our article on the best pubs and bars in Tullamore that everyone needs to experience at least once. Have you been to any of them already?

Other notable mentions

Joe Lees is one of the best pubs and bars in Tullamore and has been run since 1896.
Credit: Facebook / @joeleesbar

Joe Lee’s Bar: Joe Lee’s Bar has been a family-run Bar, Lounge and Beer Garden since 1896. It is widely regarded as being one of the best musical pubs in the town.

Spollen’s Bar: Spollen’s Bar is a traditional pub located in the heart of Tullamore town centre. Therefore, it is a great spot for celebrations and parties.

The Bus Bar: The best way to describe the bus bar would be to say that it is a small pub with a big atmosphere. They also offer great live music every weekend, with plenty of options for drinks. 

FAQs about the best pubs and bars in Tullamore

The Bridge House Hotel is one of the best and most popular hotels in Tullamore.

Other options include townhouses such as Tullamore Harbour House, Tullamore Kitty’s, Seber House, and Brookville Guesthouse for a relaxing break. 

What is the most famous pub in Ireland?

While there is no definitive answer, many would agree that the most famous and recognizable pub in Ireland would be the Temple Bar in Dublin.

Its red exterior, collection of over 450 different kinds of rare whiskies, and pure Irishness draws countless visitors to its doors every year.

What town has the most pubs per person in Ireland?

The town of Feakle in County Clare with a population of 113 people has a total of seven pubs. This means it has 16.1 pubs per person in Ireland. Thus, making it the town with the most pubs per person in Ireland.

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