Five Pizzas in Galway You Need To Try Before You Die

Galway is known for many things- being the City of Tribes, having an amazing arts scene, and most importantly, being a great place for the craic.

In the past few years, Galway has also been earning a name for itself as a foodie’s paradise, and even better, a paradise you don’t need a huge budget to enjoy!

Galway is bursting with trendy local restaurants that serve tasty treats at a great price. And what’s a better example of affordable yet delicious cuisine than pizza?

We’ve laid out the top five places in Galway you can grab a tasty slice or two of cheesy goodness.

5. Fat Freddy’s

Instagram: fatfreddysrestaurant

Nestled right in the heart of the Latin Quarter, you can enjoy a tasty meal at Fat Freddy’s while sitting outside and enjoying the busy atmosphere of Quay Street.

If you’re in the mood for a meal inside (or, more likely, you don’t want to get rained on), the restaurant’s quirky interior décor will brighten your mood while you wait for your food. Their lunch and dinner menus are both solid so you’re guaranteed a great feed no matter what time you arrive.

You can choose one of their classic pizzas, a gourmet pizza, or add your own choice of toppings to create exactly what you’re craving. Their pizzas are so good that it’s hard to say no to that last slice- how do you think Freddy became so fat?

4. Crust Bucket

Instagram: crust_bucket_galway

What’s better than pizza? Pizza on a bus! Crust Bucket can be found in Carroll’s pub on Dominic Street, where you can eat in the charming classic Irish pub, or out the back in a refurbished double-decker bus!

Their mouth-watering pizzas come with some really interesting flavour combinations, as well as all the classics. You can get adventurous with pulled pork and slaw or Vietnamese chilli chicken, or just enjoy a really high-quality margherita.

The atmosphere is great too, with live music in the pub and on the bus- trad music inside and modern stuff outside, so you’ll always find something to suit you. No matter what you order or where you eat it, the pints will be nearby and that’s what’s most important.

3. Woozza Wood Fired Pizza

Instagram: woozzagalway

Woozza is a bit less central than the other pizza joints on this list, but the few minutes it takes to walk there are absolutely worth it. Woozza is mainly a takeaway place but they have one or two small tables outside if the weather’s nice or you’re just too hungry to wait.

Despite the location and lack of seating, they’re still #3 on this list, which just shows you how good their food is! They’re a favourite with both locals and tourists, particularly loved for their thin, crispy crusts and quality toppings.

It’s a wonderful surprise when you open a cardboard pizza box and find a restaurant-worthy pizza inside. If you’re looking for a gourmet pizza at a great price, this is the spot for you!

2. Pizza & Pasta Napoli

Instagram: adashoflime

Pizza Napoli are known for selling their pizza by the slice. If once slice doesn’t sound like enough for you, that’s because you haven’t seen how big their slices are.

With each massive slice costing only €4 (€3 for margherita), it’s a huge hit with students.

They sell eight kinds of pizza, ranging from classics like pepperoni to some interesting choices like potato and red onion (give it a go, it’s delicious).

There are a few tables inside and outside the restaurant, but most people get a slice to go on a paper plate. If you do sit down, make sure to get a bit of crushed garlic or jalapeno from the table for your pizza. This spot is also open after the pubs close, so it’s a great spot for a bit of soakage at the end of the night.

1. Dough Bros

Instagram: eimerhenderson

Starting as a food truck five years ago, Dough Bros has quickly been built up to become one of Galway’s biggest food businesses. As well as delicious pizzas, Dough Bros has the bonus of being available in two spots!

They have their regular set-up just off Shop Street, and on the weekends they have a pop-up stall in the ultra-cool beer garden in O’ Connell’s on Eyre Square. In both spots, there’s a cheerful atmosphere and delicious food that’ll put a smile on your face.

Their menu has a great range of topping combinations, as well as some really unique and delicious specials. Everything is customisable, right down to their unique pizza sauce options- you can get the classic tomato, “white sauce” made with cream, or a “bianca base” of olive oil.

To top that (literally), they have half a dozen types of cheese to choose from and even more tasty meats and veggies for any combination you can think of. Whether you’re a total carnivore or in need of a vegan-friendly pizza, Dough Bros has you covered!

Written by Rebecca Spelman

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