Top 5 best casinos in Cork

Looking to test the luck of the Irish? If so, here are the five best casinos in Cork you need to visit.

Cork is one of the favourite vacation destinations in Ireland. It is already the second-largest city in Ireland, and most tourists stop at this ancient city for its traditional Irish pubs.

We agree that Cork has a rich culture and a growing market, but it also has one of the best gambling communities in Ireland.

Tourists can move from shopping at St Patrick Street to taking in the beauties of St Fin Barre’s Cathedral and end their tour with a win in one of the city’s casinos. Cork offers some of the oldest gambling options in Ireland; however, age is not the most exciting feature of these casinos.

We also understand if you feel more comfortable placing your stakes from your mobile device. You can check out these online casinos while you are in Cork.

Here is everything you must know about the top five casinos in Cork.

5. Macau Casino – right at the heart of Cork

Macau Casino is one of the best casinos in Cork.
Credit: Facebook / @macaucasinocomplex

We can bet that you wonder why there is a Macau Casino in Cork, Ireland. Welcome to the club. Aside from its unusual name, Macau Casino is easily the leading gambling centre in Cork.

Located in a 6,000 ft (1,800 m) wide structure in St Patrick Street, Macau Casino offers the best of poker games, slot machines, and other table games for you to wager and win.

Macau Casino is a thriving hub for punters all over Cork and Ireland. The casino also has some rewarding sportsbook options for sports betting fans.

Patrons at the Macau Casino also enjoy more than just betting activities. The casino also offers exciting entertainment options that rival any fun spot in Ireland. The facility has restaurants, bars, and a sports viewing centre.

More interestingly, Macau Casino Complex sits right in the heart of Cork. It is close to the most fun places in the city, and you can feel its exciting vibe from yards away.

As a leading gambling establishment, Macau Casino flows only admits legal adults. People who are 18 years and older. This restriction does not affect the Casino Complex. Anyone, even younger people, can enjoy the fine dining and the sports viewing centre.

Address: 16 St Patrick’s St, Centre, Cork, Ireland

4. Victoria Sporting Club – one of the best casinos in Cork

Victoria Sporting Club has something for everyone.
Credit: Facebook / @thevictoriacasino

Don’t worry; it has nothing to do with Victoria’s Secret. But you can bet that there is no secret about Victoria Sporting Club. If the large building does not attract you during the day, its bright neon signs will pull you in at night.

Victoria Sporting Casino is one of Cork’s oldest casinos. And perhaps the largest in the city. The Casino was launched in Cork before 1980 and has evolved between owners, managers, and modes of operation.

As of 1987, it was a Snooker Club, with some of the city’s most influential citizens as its members. This same snooker club evolved into the sporting community that it is today.

Victoria Sporting Club has become one of the best casinos in Cork, with modern slot machines and gaming structures. In 2006, the casino became an automated casino, and it has been offering gaming options like slots, video poker, and other digital table games.

One of the best features of Victoria Sporting Club is that it is open to all punters. Everyone that meets the minimum age requirement is legally allowed to play in the casino. The only limit here is how much you are willing to wager.

If you have been to St Patrick’s Quay, you must know that Victoria Sporting Club is one of the landmarks of Victoria Quarters and remains one of the most notable places in Cork. However, if you have never visited this impressive casino, today is an excellent time to explore.

You don’t have to worry about how you would make your payment. The casino allows payment from credit/debit cards like Visa and MasterCard. But if you only have cash, bring it on. Victoria Sporting Club has an option for you.

Address: 5 St Patrick’s Quay, Victorian Quarter, Cork, T23 XV52, Ireland

3. Gold Rush Casino – the largest gambling franchise in Ireland

Gold Rush Casino is one of the best casinos in Cork.
Credit: Flickr / Dave Steadman

Gold Rush is the biggest gambling franchise in Ireland, and there is no way Cork is missing out on that action. The casino has four different outlets in Cork, and they all maintain equal standards of quality gaming and excellent customer services.

Punters in Cork are familiar with the challenge of deciding what Gold Rush Casino to visit. At the same time, some are regulars at the McCurtain Street outlet because it is always open. Tourists also often choose the Cornmarket outlet because it is closer to some of the city’s tourist attractions. 

Whatever Gold Rush Casino you choose offers the same range of gaming options and payment facilities; the difference is usually in the size of the facility, the number of patrons it can accommodate, and the number of slot machines they can use.

Like the Cornmarket Outlet, some of the outlets are walk-in gaming centres. Their small size does not allow ‘actual tables’, but players can use the virtual machines for their poker and other table games.

We would not force your hand on which Gold Rush casino outlet to visit. They are equally entertaining locations.

Address: 3 MacCurtain Street, Victorian Quarter, Cork, T23 RR99, Ireland

2. Liberty Arcade and Casino – one of Cork’s oldest casinos

Liberty Arcade and Casino is a must-visit.
Credit: Facebook / @LibertyEastCork

If you are looking for an opportunity to place your bets while enjoying some of Cork’s rich history, you should stop at Liberty Arcade. The casino has been in Cobh since 1929. It is not the longest-standing business in Cork, but it holds some tales.

This 93-year-old franchise launched its largest outlet in 2011 and has made a name out of its Midleton locations. Visitors at the arcade enjoy several fun activities ranging from the usual arcade games to more delicate options like gambling.

The casino floor of Liberty Arcade has over 100 slot machines with several options for table games. The game centre also offers fun activities like restaurants, bars, and even children-friendly activities.

It would be best if you visited Liberty Arcades whenever your adventures bring you to Market Green Retail Park in Midleton. It would be an opportunity to catch fun and perhaps win some extra cash.

Address: 8 Pearse Square, Kilgarvan, Cobh, Co. Cork, P24 A526, Ireland

1. The Bank Casino and Card Club – one of the best casinos in Cork

The Bank Casino tops our list of best casinos in Cork.
Credit: Facebook / @bankcasinocork

The Bank Casino is a special gambling centre for the select few. Everything in the casino tells you that it is a Private Casino. But don’t worry, attendance is open to anyone that can afford it.

The bank casino opens at 11 pm every night, and the fun does not stop until sunrise. This schedule is perfect for the nocturnal punters and everyone looking to catch fun while the city is asleep.

In addition, you don’t have to worry about your security in The Bank Casino since it is a private structure and restricted admission.

Gaming at The Bank involves more table games than slot machines. As a result, the casino offers some of the most exciting poker, roulette, and baccarat games. This makes one of the best casinos in Cork for skilled players, not just the average lucky punter.

Address: Clarkes Bridge House, Centre, Cork, T12 DW98, Ireland

Cork has become home to some of the most enticing features in Ireland. It also has one of the largest gambling demographics in Ireland. So, if you are in the region and want to explore some Irish luck, stop at any of these leading casinos.

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