Top 5 best beaches in Wicklow, ranked

The Garden of Ireland isn’t just trees and mountains, for the county is a coastal haven. Here, we explore the top five best beaches in Wicklow.

Situated along the Ancient East of Ireland and dubbed the ‘Garden of Ireland’, County Wicklow’s geography leaves it on the precipice of Dublin but also far enough to maintain its own independence and stake a claim for one of Ireland’s principal destinations.

Who wouldn’t enjoy a quiet breakaway in the town of Greystones, a trek through the Wicklow Mountains, or a peaceful pass through the heavenly Glendalough?

Better still, Wicklow is a coastal county and is therefore blessed with an array of golden strands that kiss the burgeoning blue of the Irish sea and hug the shores of the nearby towns and villages.

Read on to find out what are the top five best beaches in Wicklow.

5. Greystones South Beach – perfect for a day trip

Greystones South Beach is one of the best beaches in Wicklow.
Credit: Tourism Ireland

Kicking off our list of the top five best beaches in Wicklow is Greystones Beach.

Greystones Beach is just south of Greystones town and only 16 km (10 miles) from County Dublin, making it an ideal spot for your next day trip. Take the DART from Dublin city for easy access.

Greystones Beach is roughly 1 km (0.62 miles) long and is a combustion of sand and pebble stone. The beautiful Bray Head is not far, and if the walking boots are on, why not make the trek out the break the day up?

To cap it all off, the beach was awarded the Blue Flag award in 2021, one of the 83 beaches across the Emerald Isle to be bestowed with the coveted award.

Address: Killincarrig, Co. Wicklow

4. Ennereilly Beach – an angler’s heaven

Credit: Instagram / @bydniic

Swapping the sand-pebble marriage for a single sandy composition, Ennereilly Beach rightfully earns its spot on our list of the best beaches in Wicklow.

It is split into two, north and south, and only 10 km (6.2 miles) from Arklow. Ennereilly may be a favourite for the fishers amongst our readers, as the angler can find dogfish, Flounder, Smooth Hound, and Bass, amongst others here.

The beach comes with a small car park for you to rest the wheels while you rest the eyes, and the sand runs into big rocks and overlooking dunes to keep you shaded.

Address: Ballinaskea, Co. Wicklow

3. Silver Strand Beach – one of the best beaches in Wicklow

Silver Strand Beach is one of the best beaches in Wicklow.
Credit: Flickr / Laura Testud

While the Silver Strand Beach may be small in size, it more than makes up for it in style. With the Irish Sea cascading smoothly into the silky sand, this is an unmissable stop for your Wicklow bucket list.

The only minor setback is that it is a fairly tricky journey to get to the beach. You can only drive through two private campsites, which charge a minor fee for car parking services.

However, for the more ingenious among us, finding your way to the cove is surely worth it. The still waters of the sea are extremely safe for swimming and great for a family day out.

Silver Strand truly is a local gem where peace is borne from the still waters. Plus, safety is guaranteed by the overarching cliffs that enclose the beach.

Address: Dunbur Upper, Co. Wicklow

2. Magheramore Beach – take a trip before it’s too late

Take a trip to Magheramore Beach before its too late.
Credit: Instagram / @iuliana_leon

Undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Wicklow, Magheramore is almost at risk of being lost to the public as the access to the beach, a clifftop famous for filming, is up for sale. Thus, this may restrict the ability to make use of the strand.

A petition has earned almost 5,000 signatures opposing the land sales and is signal enough of the devastation that will follow in the wake of losing access to this beach.

A bird’s eye view shows a stunning strip of sand sandwiched between the deep blue to one side and a sea of green fields to the other.

It is a favourite for locals owing to its secluded location. However,they certainly won’t mind a visitor or two from readers of the article.

Address: R750, Magheramore, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

1. Brittas Bay Beach – the European Blue Flag Beach

Brittas Bay tops our list of best beaches in Wicklow.
Credit: Instagram / @jessigiusti

Taking the top spot of best beaches in Wicklow is Brittas Bay, an extraordinary 5 km (3 miles) length of land filled with sand and sand dunes for your pleasure.

The Brittas Bay Beach has been awarded the European Union Blue Flag award. This superb accolade is definitely justified for one of County Wicklow’s premier tourist attractions. This is certainly one of the best beaches on the entire east coast of Ireland.

Finding a spot shouldn’t be a problem on this broad landmass, with locals and visitors catered alike thanks to its ideal position near Dublin. If Wicklow itself isn’t on your Irish bucket list, Brittas Bay ought to be at the very least.

Interestingly, Brittas Bay is also one of the best-known nudist beaches in Ireland.

Address: Co. Wicklow, Ireland

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